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I had to let my "Babygirl" go!

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Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this. I did put it in the thread where I talked about all this BEFORE having to let Two Paws go-- however, I was not sure this update would be seen, since it was not "out front".

Is there a thread/forum for those who had to say "Good-bye" to their friends? It is so difficult! I've never had to do it before.

The following is a "copy and paste" from an update I put in the "Impacted Bowels" thread.-----

My TwoPaws is gone. I don't recall the exact date- about 4 weeks ago. I had taken TwoPaws to the Vet three times in two weeks. The last day I had the feeling I would not be bringing her home.

I was right. I went back to get her- she stayed for X-rays. I could see without the Vet telling me that she was well impacted for the 4th time in only a few weeks. My Vet tried everything he could think of to try. I tried herbs, oil, etc.. Nothing was working. TwoPaws was not doing well. I had to "let her go". I had been dealing with this myself since November of 2000.

This was Sooooooooo hard for me. She was almost 7 and I loved her deeply. I continue to miss her greatly, I even forget that she is not here and go looking for her at times.

My other cat, Misty who was 8 on April 1st use to be friends with her. However, the last 2 months of TwoPaws life they did not get along. TwoPaws was aggressive toward Misty, not allowing her anywhere near my bedroom-- where they use to sleep together with me. So, I do not believe Misty misses her at all, she seems more relaxed, not having to be on the "look out" for surprise attacks. However, I would have found a way to live with the discord if TwoPaws was not so ill.

Well, I just wanted to send this update to those who have tried helping me with this problem. I have never lost a pet that I cared about as much as I did TwoPaws. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss her and can still cry about her. Will this ever pass?
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Dear Judy,

I am so sorry for your loss. Please visit this site


It will help you deal with your loss and talk to others who have experienced the loss of a beloved pet. There is also a place in the Rainbow Bridge where you can write letters to your pet or a poem.

Please accept my condolences.
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Judy I am so sorry for your loss. I couldn't imagine after 7 years losing my baby.

I wish that there was something I could say or do for you. If you just want a sympathetic ear, we are all here for you. The website Donna sent you is wonderful. I have visited before.

Good luck to you.
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Saying good-bye is never easy.

Tomorrow will be 3 months since I had to say good-bye to my 'baby'. He was a big part of my life for almost 16 years and he left a big empty place when he left us.

You will be in my prayers. I can understand the grief that you are going through. It's never easy losing someone that you love so much. Even though it has been three months for me, there are still times that I look at his picture and shed a few tears and feel a lot of heartache. For at last the first two months I was trying to figure out how life could still go on as if nothing had ever changed ... when for me everything had changed.

The good news is that time does help. Right now you probably can only feel the emptiness that losing TwoPaws created. I found that with time that pain lessened. Not that I thought of my Frisky any less ... but instead of concentrating on what I lost, I began to remember what I had.

It sounds as if TwoPaws had a happy life and was loved. You were blessed to have her.

Take care and remember the good times. As long as you do that TwoPaws will still be with you.
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. The only cat I've lost was Clouds, and she was very old. It was hard, but not so hard knowing that she lived a really long life.
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I am sorry to hear you had to say goodbye. With time the hurt will heal and the memories will bring you wonderful smiles.
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Thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions and caring. I will check out the website that was suggested.

I have one or two friends who understand that "pets" are not just "pets". However, they been so busy recently with finishing Voch Tech School (at age 49!) and moving to a newly bought house + having a first baby that............. well, let's just say I felt alone. They ARE wonderful friends, though!

All my other friends and family do not "get it". They just don't understand all the "fuss" over a cat. That's okay, too. However, it has made it hard.

Your understanding has made it feel "okay" to struggle with missing TwoPaws. She was soooooooooooo sweet and cute. At 7 years old she had the face of a kitten! Her personality was so opposite of her "sister", Misty. (Hence my name "miss2paws") They both are very special and each has a unique relationship with me. I am glad to have Misty "back"-- for awhile with TwoPaws not feeling well and being defensive/aggression Misty had kind of deserted me, not being able to be with me in my "space" here at my parents. Misty decided to live in my parents area. HOWEVER, I will never forget TwoPaws and find I do miss her greatly. Misty helps tremendously with this loss.

Again, thank you for your thoughts.
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I am so sorry about your loss.

I think that's a major point what you said there. When, God forbid, we lose a 2-legged close someone, at least we get the support and understanding of people around us. We are expected to grieve for a while. When that special someone happens to be our pet, most people will say "what a shame" but expect you to go on with your life as if nothing has happened. You're not supposed to take time off work or stop laughing or enjoying life, because it seems to be "just" a pet... Well, you can come here for support whenever you feel like it. We're here for you and we have big shoulders to cry on!
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