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Dusty Purred!!

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They have really warmed up to us. During the night, they started playing in our room and figured out how to climb on our beds. Early this morning, Dusty climbed and flopped downing beside giving me this look. I reached down gently and started petting her.. She starting licking and nipping my fingers and started purring softly. Then she started this massive purr engine. Then she jumped down and started playing with Rusty.

Also, after I got up, Mike wanted me to close the bedroom door. Right after I did, Rusty came tearing around the corner and bopped her little nose on the door!

Both have had their breakfast and took a pooh and pee in the litterbox. I hope they don't sleep as much today.. but I realize since they are babies, they need a lot of sleep.
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Aww! Bless their little cotton socks
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How sweet!

Right from a young age I get them turned around to my sleep-wake schedule where they are sleeping at night and awake except for a few naps during the day.

If I see them sleeping, I go and wake them up and play with them. I do that for one whole day, allowing for one long nap of maybe 2 hours, but the rest of the time if I see them sleeping I go and bug them to keep them awake. They end up sleeping all night long!
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aww! that's sweet
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