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would like to get a third cat

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we have two cats; well, 1 1/2

the female cat is the world's most laid back cat. she's 5. she spends about 2/3 of her time indoors. the only thing is that she doesn't have a great history of getting along with other female cats. when we still had an older cat, it was okay, but when my older daughter brought her female cat, our female cat was quite territorial. that other female cat moved out a year ago.

then there is a male cat. a neighbour had him, didn't look well after him, then he moved out, and the male cat got quite neurotic. after a year of coaxing, we have him to the point where he visits for up to 5 hours almost every day. he was semi feral for about a year. our female cat and this male cat get along famously, they REALLY like each other.

now my younger daughter really, really wants to have a kitten. she's finally convinced us that we should look into it. we HAVE discovered, a few years ago, that three is the perfect number of cats to own.

now the question: we don't want to upset either of our cat mates.

what sort of kitten should we get? a friend suggested a male of a very unterritorial, unaggressive breed, and to neuter it as soon as it is old enough. what do you think?
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Your friend is very smart! The only other thing would be that the new one also be only a few months old vs mature.
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I would agree to a laid back neutered male kitten rather then another female. Most females are more accepting of a male coming in then another female and since you know she's more territorial with females, adopt a male kitten.
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thanks for your replies.

so you think getting a really young, laid-back male kitten won't spook the other male cat? we spent so much time trying to get him to come into the house and get some care and TLC, don't want to lose him again. he is a beautiful cat and very lovable, and his relationship with our "senior" cat is so great. don't want to disturb that too much although of course we're very aware that it will disrupt things.
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If your plans are to keep everyone as inside cats, you shouldn't have that much of a problem. Probably would be best to look for a laid back kitten 4-8 months old and neutered.
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no, they won't be indoor cats. that means that it's easy for them to disappear if they don't like it, which is what i'm afraid of ...
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I dont know... an outdoors kitty is just a scary idea! I like to keep mine in because the last time one got out she got distemper and died 24 hours later! Is there a way you could keep them inside??
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Most of us are against letting them outside without supervision. Can you train them to a leash/harness or build/buy a cat enclosure. Its a lot safer for the cats and your peace of mind!
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