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Junior hostile after Missy's spay

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Missy went in to be spayed Friday morning and I picked her up yesterday morning. She's doing fine but from the moment she got home Junior has been very hostile towards her (and towards me if Missy is in my lap). It started out with just the usual hissing and growling but has progressed to Junior chasing her and batting at her.

I understand Missy's smell has changed and Junior has to re-adapt to her but how long can I expect this to go on? Will Missy's smell return so Junior will recognize her or is it permanently changed so that she is basically a new cat as far as Junior is concerned?

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You can help the reintroduction along a bit by trying the "vanilla trick".

There is more information in post #4 of this thread:


Good luck!
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The vanilla trick is a good idea. I'm not so sure it's because that Missy's "smell" has changed as much as the fact that she still smells like the vets office. I know my animals know when one of them comes home from the vets, especially after spaying/neutering and I think it kind of freaks them out. You may want to keep them separated for a day or two if possible to give Missy time to recover and feel more like herself. But, they should be fine after that.
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You can also do the cornstarch baby powder trick - sprinkle some of it in both of their coats and rub in to smell more of the same to each other. Usually by the end of the week they are ok again.
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I would also separate them for half a day because its not a good idea for Missy to have to run from being chased after her spay. The vanilla trick should work.
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Thanks for the replies. As of last night things had calmed down so that Junior would only hiss if Missy tried playing with his tail. This morning they appear to be buddies again.

As usual I overreacted, primarily because it was so unexpected. I had no ide Junior would react in that manner to begin with. I think it'd be a good to have a sticky either here or in Caring & Grooming which discusses not only what to expect health-wise after a spay/neuter but also other common things such as this that new pet owners wouldn't necessarily know.

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