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Are the Christmas Lights Gone Yet?

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Our neighbor across the street still has his outside Christmas lights blazing all night long. It's not just a few, either, he has two large trees draped in multi-color lights. It's getting a little creepy.

Are there any lingering holiday decorations in your neighborhood?
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There's quite a few still blazing around here. It's really too cold outside to take them down right now. Of course, they don't have to turn them on, lol! There's a couple of homes on my way to work that usually seem to leave them up until around Valentine's day. That's a little extreme.
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no, there all down where i live
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We took ours down last weekend, but there are still MANY houses with the christmas wish up.
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barely, we have our lights on our windows as none of us have a front yard.. and just a one or two houses still have it.
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lol i only put up a small fiber optic tree, and a table colth, eheh,
so yea they are done.
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I'm afraid out Christmas lights never arrived!
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There is still quite a few houses around here with them on. One house has a motorcycle in their living room window that is covered in lights so when its dark you can see the shape of the motorcycle.
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Yep, we still have some people around with them on
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I'll have to fess up... I am one of those houses who haven't taken them down yet. They are unplugged but I havn't gotten up on the ladder to take them down yet (but I did get ALL the other decorations down and into storage!)
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I do see some up still in my surrounding neighborhoods, I love the lights though and don't really mind seeing them still, especially if there the clear lights. I have my candles in the windows still and usually keep them in year round sometimes. I didn't have any outside lights but I do still have my lights up inside and the tree up still, I usually leave them up until at least February, as long as it still feels like winter I enjoy the lights at night time.
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Their all down on my estate I wish it was december now because i love christmas and the lead up to it
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The lights are coming down just now
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We have some homes around us that leave the clear lights up in the outdoor trees and shrubs all year long. They are very pretty in the evening around the pool or in the garden. Quite a few restaurants have them all year long too.
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There's a few homes near me that still have them out - but i've seen quite a few neighbors outside this week taking theirs down. I'm sure they'll all have theirs down soon. We took all of our decortions down a long time ago.
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To be honest, I haven't even payed attention!
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