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Is your cat a meerkat, too?

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Okay, when we had Himalayans, they never did this.

When The Bean is interested in something in the distance or a sound from the other room, he sits up on his haunches, like he's standing upright. It's the funniest thing to see as he balances there for sometimes 20 seconds. This picture below shows him doing it, but he also does it on the bed, the floor...always when he's curious and stilll, listening.

I've never seen a cat do this before! Does anyone else's cat do this funny standing still thing like a meerkat stance?

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Yes, my one boy Ernie does the same thing. It is the funniest thing and thought it was strange when I first got him. But now that I've had him about 7 months he continues to do it almost daily.
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yes, I have seen lots of cats do that... even up on their back tiptoes to check something out. They have amazing balance!
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Yes, Gracie does it a lot when she sees or hears something interesting.
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Yes, it's hilarious - especially when the cats concerned are super-long slinkys like my 2!
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yeh, my cat's do this aswel! it's cute
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That's very cute!

Smudge does it all the time! Lily does it sometimes, and is super long, but Stumpy rarely does it.
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Scully and Autumn do it all the time, the others occasionally.
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Lucia is our Meerkat She does it whenever she hears a weird noise...or if the other cats are playfighting
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Angel is sometimes.

"I sense danger!"
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i have a high window and its near the computer too so she stands up there like that just sitting there... she does it most when she sees a bird
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A few of mine do that as well!
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Can't say mine do that, but your pic is precious!!
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Tailer does that. I always figured he learned it from our bunny.
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