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Sinbad and Daisy

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I would like to show you photos of Sinbad and Daisy and share their stories.

Sinbad was born in a graveyard and dumped by his mum along with his 5 brothers and sisters. Fortunately a wonderful lady was looking out for mum (a stray who refused to be rescued) and took the kittens in. Sinbad was a week old when I first saw him, being fed with a dropper. I took him and his sister Maisie when they were 8 weeks old.

He was a real character, infact we used to say that he had butterflies between his ears due to the silly things he would do. Rolling off the bed, chasing shadows and occasionally gazing intently at the wall as if something really interesting was there!

Sadly his sister Maisie, was taken from us in a RTA when they were 3. Sinbad was so sad, he just moped around and even began losing his fur. The vet tried to tell me he had a flea allergy, but I’m convinced it was grief.

A couple of weeks later I really felt I had to do something, so called one of the pet rescues. They told me about an 18 month old cat they desperately needed to rehome. She had been discovered by a landlord 6 weeks after the tenants had disappeared from the property. She was currently being fed by a neighbour.

So Daisy joined our family and gave Sinbad the feline company he needed. She was a fickle little lady, only allowing us to stroke her when she felt like it. After the start in life she’d had, who could blame her!

One Sunday in Oct 06 Sinbad seemed a little off colour that evening, but nothing big. I came down at 5am the next morning to find my big gentle boy dead on the hall carpet. He was 15 years old and against all the odds, he had grown from a tiny, hand reared scrap into a beautiful, cuddly bear. He had not had one day’s illness and it almost seemed fitting that having caused me no problems all his life, he passed over without a fuss. The shock was horrific though. I will always miss him.

In Jan 07 Daisy joined him. She had lost her sight a year previously which strangely had made her almost fearless. Janet, who I posted about in another thread here, used to pounce on her occasionally and there was no love lost between them. After going blind, she no longer would run from him. She stood her ground and taught him some manners, which bemused him no end! Sadly her kidneys began to fail and she couldn’t carry on. My sweet, funny little girl will no doubt be keeping everyone in line over the bridge.

Thank you for reading and I apologise for the length, I could have written loads more.
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Rest in peace Sinbad & dasiy, play well at the bridge.
I sounds like both had a very long and loved filled lives.
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it would be difficult for me not to say that losing one cat was hard enough. Knowing all your kitties lived long wonderful lives together is comforting. I am sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry, but it sounds like you gave them wonderful lives. Especially how they started out.
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Rest in Peace Sinbad and Daisy. Sounds like they had a loving home with you. I'm sure your two beautiful cats are playing happily at the bridge together!
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What gorgeous babies they are as well Rainbow bridge is a lucky place to have two little beauties

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Im sorry to hear about your Sinbad and Daisy!! Im sure they are happy together over the bridge.... though I know that doesn't feel very comforting at the moment...

Just out of curiosity, what is a RTA??

Rest In Piece Sweet Sinbad, & Delightful Daisy
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Rest In Peace Sinbad and Daisy.
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So sorry about your Cats. I just lost 2. One Dec 5th and one Jan 11 and now Meeko is sick and wont it. She has a fever and is sick but she has been very Sad since they died.
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Glitch, sorry, she was hit by a car. (road traffic accident).

mews2much i hope your meeko gets better. it is so scary when they are ill. my parents cat has been sick over the weekend and they are worried about him. he's been to the vet today but he can't find anything wrong. after losing my janet to FIP, i worry when i hear that a cat is losing weight and acting a little odd.

thank you everyone for your kind words.
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Awww, they sound like they were amazing cats May they rest in peace
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May you Rest in Peace Precious Sinbad & Daisy
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Play happily over RB, Sinbad & Daisy
And sending {{{{ TCS prayers and vibes}}}} out to Mews2much's Meeko, that she survive her grief and recovers physically and emotionally - Meeko, be strong and get better, your purrs, antic and headbutts are still needed here on earth and don't be too lonely for your lost comrades - they dwell in a better place with Sinbad and Daisy!!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. They sound like they were wonderful companions to you.
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RIP Sinbad and Daisy.
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