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I feel like poo...

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Im running a temperature of about 101 my eyes are burning but other then that no symptoms Im not really sure whats going on...Ive been nauseated in the mornings after I eat and at the smell of certain foods and getting frequent dizzy spells...its just wierd..
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think you should go & see a doctor, that should put your mind at rest. & also rest plenty & drink loads of fluids!

hope you feel better soon! *hugs* from my kitty's
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that is peculiar... should visit the doc and get lots of fluids and lots of rest!
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There was a 48 hour flu going around up here during the new year...perhaps its migrated south a little?

Either case, see a doctor if you could be something different!
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Get some rest! I hope you feel better!
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for getting better fast!
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Nauseated in the mornings and after smelling certain foods. I've had those symptoms before. I was pregnant, hun. I ran a temperature, was dizzy and had burning eyes too - I've no idea why that was. But perhaps you ought to get that checked out too Either way, you get better soon huh?
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hope you feel better. I also hate being sick...its such a waste of time.
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Get better soon!!

Are ya by chance, pregnant?
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post

Get better soon!!

Are ya by chance, pregnant?

I hope you feel better soon
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Join the club... I woke up sick too. Hope you feel better! My hubby made me some beef stew and cornbread. I know, it's not chicken noodle but I honestly hate that stuff! Bleh!
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I hope you're feeling better soon!
The smell sensitivity made me think pregnancy too....
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Originally Posted by RaggieKitty View Post
The smell sensitivity made me think pregnancy too
^I've had that with infections, that and the pickle smell.
The fever doesn't sound right, but only a trip to the doctor will let you know for sure that it isn't something serious.
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sorry you're not feeling well i hope you get better soon!
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I just had a thought... maybe it's a gas leak? it would explain the nausea and burning eyes...
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I seem to be feeling better today....still nauseated but otherwise feeling better...I havent done a pregnancy test yet...Id love to be pregnant...I will soon though! Thanks guys for all your kind words and advice!!
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well you'll have to keep us posted then won't you!?
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yea I will
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It's that time of year. I had a cold over Thanksgiving. It wasn't too bad... stuffy nose and small cough for a few days. Starting a week ago I felt like I got hit by a truck. Fever, all congested, and I hurt all over. It's finally letting up. But my cough and stuffy nose are still there. I can't take sudafed or any other decongestants because I'm allergic to them so I'm stuck with allergy stuff that take forever to work. I really hate this time of year.
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