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Belly Rubs

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hey it's me again. Another unusual thing about my cat is that she loves to get her belly rubbed which is pretty uncommon in most cats since they dont likes getting their bellies rubbed.

hehe just wanted to know if anyone elses cat likes to get their belly rubbed.
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All three of mine love their tummy's rubbed! I've been told that some cats don't like their bellies rubbed because they don't trust you because they feel vulernable (sp?)...especially if she/he is new to your family. After a while they warm up to you and fall in love with us (just like we do with them!). So in other words, she loves you and trusts you a lot...and I bet she enjoys every bit of it too!
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My Trent LOVES getting his tummy rubbed! When he comes up and snuggles with me when I'm watching TV, I know when he's ready to go to sleep because he will work his little legs around until he has my hand on his tummy. Then he goes to sleep. It's so sweet.

My other cat, Ophelia, does not let me touch her tummy. She's a total Daddy's Girl and will sometimes let him touch her tummy but only if she's really into being petted and only for a short period of time. Otherwise, you are risking losing a hand if you try to touch her belly!
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Ivo does not like having her tummy rubbed. But, when she's really relaxed and stretched out, she'll let me rub her chest. Sometimes, I can give her tummy 1 or 2 light strokes. Anything more than that, and she'll let me know just how unhappy she is (usually using claws).
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Grayski loves his belly rub!
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Depending on his mood, Spike lets me rub his tummy, and actually seems to enjoy it... for a little while anyway. Now brushing it is a whole other story...
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We love a good belly-rub too!!
Any candidates???:tounge2:
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Chevy loves having his belly rubbed all the time, but Jimmy will only let me touch his if he's in the right mood.
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my furbabies like their tummy rubbed but not too much. also, hubby loves his tummy rubbed!
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Willie will often flip over and expose his tummy for me, but if I rub too much, he gets a gleam in his eyes and sometimes even bats at my hands. I prefer to keep my digits intact, so I take that as my cue to quit.
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All of my boys love to have their tummies rubbed. Rocko is the only one who WHACKS you when it's time to stop. LOL! It's kind of funny...Rocko should have been named "Quick Draw McPaw"

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