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Pillo will not eat and is dangerously thin

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hello i have recently posted about pillo who kept on vomitting 8 times a day
she is 4 years old. she was hospitalised for a week and had a surgery when we took her to the vet. she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, and the vet gave her electrolytes through a liquid attatched to her veins, but there was no specific medication to help her pancreas.
she is now at home with me and off the liquid drip but she is refusing to eat completely. she has never been a fat cat but after the return she has become as light as air.
when she first returned home she was a bit unfamilliar with the surroundings and my other cat, so i separated them.
she is drinking and peeing and pooping (only the food she ate before the surgery).

Im not sure if i should force feed her because this might be the reason why she was so put off at the vets. but if she doesnt eat she will become more dangerlouslly under weight
we are trying everything that she used to like, everything she show interest in (she sniffs it) but then she turns away ,except for the lickins treats
what we are currently feeding her is: boiled chicken, tuna in brine, whiskers lickins tuna treats, bread, cheese, science diet chicken and liver flavour, mon petit fish and prawn flavour.

Please give some suggestions to your cat's favourite foods and send your prayers!
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YOU need to get back to the vet ... be it a ER on the weekend ...
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She will not likely eat on her own after losing so much weight, so you will need to syringe feed her. There is a website and a Yahoo Group on assist feeding (www.assistfeed.com), but I recommend talking with a vet ASAP before trying it because technique is crucial. For example, you must squirt the food either across the tongue or at the roof of the mouth, but never at the back of the throat.
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the vet had sent her home to us in hopes that she will eat in a familiar home. today is her second day back
the vet told us to call her in at noon and i will update soon
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