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silly things they do

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I kept wondering how the (used) q-tips kept getting all over the bathroom floor, then today I found out. Raven jumps in the garbage can and fishes them out!
Raven can be pretty aloof. She NEVER jumps on my lap. The only time she becomes really friendly is if I am in the bathroom, then she purs and purs and wants to be on my lap or shoulders.
My husband loves to throw darts, he does not do it at home very often (usually goes out) but when he does Raven CHIRPS with excitement, she watches!
Jack is not really silly, just sweet.
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Okay, Raven and Smoochie must be related! lol! That's too funny-I thought I had the only cat who did the "just in the bathroom" sweet time!

Hmm, and to think, I could have sworn that it was my dh who left those Q tips laying around- maybe I have been muttering mean things under my breath at the wrong individual!
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Raven isn't the only one!! Tosca is notorious for hauling q-tips, elastic bands, bottle tops and balls of paper out of the trash. She stashes the small things under the mat where the litterbox is, so that we don't know she has them. We've had to take to checking under there every morning and evening. On one occasion I've even had to fish my house keys out of the box. She stole them, buried them and pooped on them, just to be sure!
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