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Two Little Cuties!!

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Here are my two new little cuties!!!! Sorry for the poor quality. They were taken with my cell phone. I need to find my usb cord for the digital.. LOL

And they need names!!!

Little Creamy orange tabby girl

Little muted tornie girl

They are a bit skittish right now and are hiding out in the bathroom, but they are such sweeties!!! I am off work tomorrow, so I will be spending lots of time with them. And since Mike is home all day, they are going to have him wrapped around their paws in no time at all.

I saw and petted the mama. She just laid her head on my shoulder and excepted the lovings. The lady that I got them from told me the Mama (named Rat because of her extremely long tail) is going in for her spay!!!

As soon as these 2 little girls are old enough, they are going in too.
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Aww... they look like such sweethearts. Have fun tomorrow!
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i don't have any name suggestions but they are adorable!! and so tiny!!
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OMG they are precious
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They're so cute
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They are adorable! Congrats on your new babies
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They are absolutely adorable!
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The muted tortie looks like she could be a torbie (tabby/tortie blend).

They are just darling - little angels! Let me think about names....
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aww! what little sweetheart's!
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Oh they are just toooooo cute!!!!
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oh my! *dies from the cuteness*

How old are they? They are so tiny! What gorgeous little baby girls.

The light cream one looks like a Sophie and her sister likes like an Olivia.

Here are the top 100 female (and male) cat names from
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too cute and precious! Find that USB cord, you're gonna need it!

How about Tutti and Frutti?
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Oh, those beautiful eyes and little faces. Enjoy your tumbling session! They are so precious, and double the trouble! Wish we had two.
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They sure are a bundle of energy! My digital camera's batteries are dead and either the new one's are dead or the camera is messed up from when I dropped it on NYE.

But everytime we try to take a picture, it comes out a blur since they are ALWAYS moving!!

We decided on Rusty for the creamy orange and Dusty for the Torbie (I decided she is a torbie since she has the stripes like a tabby but the coloring of the muted tortie) They sure are bundles of energy. I get tired from just watching them!
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