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Those beautiful moments ....

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Quill isn't really a people cat, although he likes to be around me. He usually sleeps at me feet, or on a certain corner of my bed, or on the windowsill and the nightstand. A few minutes ago I took him in my lap and he looked at me and started purring and then did something he so rarely does -- he headbutted me, and sat there for five minutes with his head to my chest, and he was purring loudly. He's never really done this, he's an aloof, shy boy usually.But he is my sweetheart, and he knows to trust me, and to be happy. That's all I ask of him. I just thought I would share this moment with you.
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isn't that the best feeling in the world?

I take in cats frequently and I never forget the moment that they accept me as their new Meowmy, make my heart feel like it's going to burst
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That is very sweet. Swannee is like that. You feel so wanted when they show you affection. Especially the ones who aren't exactly affectionate.
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aww! thanks for sharing hehe! all of my girl's are affectionate, especially Sparkle! she's so loving & makes me sooo happy! i love spending time with them, & it's nice to know they love me, as much as i love them!
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What a great moment! Reminds me of the rare occasions Seamus lets me hug him real tight and he rubs his face on mine... Can't ask for better moments than those!
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A very special moment, indeed. Thanks for sharing it.
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It's not very often Brandy has cuddles from me, as he isn't the affectionate cat of the household..most times when you try to give him attention, he turns away.

But every once in a while, if you are sitting on the sofa, he will jump up on your lap, then stretch up so that his front paws are resting on one shoulder like he is cuddling you, and it is just like having a huge squishy toy that purrs!
The only problem when he does that, is when he digs his claws in..I have a few scratch marks on my right shoulder at the moment from his last cuddle a few days ago!
He does also get a bit heavy all of a sudden, as he seems to put all his weight on that shoulder....but that doesn't bother me. Brandy can be my lovable squishy cat once in a while
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Aww that's so sweet and special!
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AW! My maine coon, jackson, does that sometimes. I loved the first time when he did that
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Awwww!! Don't you just relish those moments when they do something to make you fall totally in love with them all over again??

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One of my mom's cats ~Illusion~ LOVES me.
Anytime I visit,he is always around me and rubbing against me and wanting my attention.

The funny thing is,he always comes running when I am around,but my sister who CARES for him,well he gets annoyed when she tries to give him attention.Silly kitty.
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I love moments like those too!

Chynna is my cuddle bug and she will let me cuddle and hold her 24/7. Abby on the other hand only snuggles on her terms. Like Quill, she likes to be near me but she doesn't like to be held or restrained in anyway unless she inititates is. So when she allows me to hold her and hug her it's all the more special
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