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cat pee + my bed

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the title pretty much says it all...cats started peein on my do i get it out of my mattress?
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You need to get some kind of really good unrine remover...if its on your matress I would use a 1 and 10 bleach 1 cup bleach to 10 cups water thats what I done with my matress and I since havent had any problems with them using my bed I hope it works for you!
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I've never had this issue, but some members recommend Nature's Miracle.

You should also take the cat to the vet to rule out a Urinary Tract Infection.

Good Luck!
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And to add after you clean the mattress and have the cat checked for UTI, then get one of those plastic mattress protectors. I have them on every bed even tho none of the cats has ever done it. But for any kind of liquid that might spill, its better then having to get a new mattress.
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Get a product from the pet store specifically designed for cat urine removal, follow the instructions on the package (usually they say to thoroughly soak the spot and then allow to dry thoroughly). Prop the mattress up out of the way for it to dry thoroughly, then when it has dried completely (it may take days), put a plastic mattress protector on it as Goldenkitty suggested. You may also want to get a waterproof tarp or sheet of thick black plastic and put it on your bed to protect your bedding when you're not sleeping in it.

Take your cat to the vet to check for a urinary infection, and read the sticky threads in the Behavior section about cats going out of the box. It may take some detective work to figure out why your cat is doing this, but it should be solveable.
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If you don't mind the smell vinegar works really good. Heck, I poured it all over my carpet yesterday and didn't smell a thing lmao. Darn buns hitting puberty and deciding that the litterbox isn't so cool after all.
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2 cups peroxide
2 t baking soda
2 drops dish detergent

Mix and soak stain. This will work.
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Originally Posted by Kristi812 View Post
the title pretty much says it all...cats started peein on my do i get it out of my mattress?
i've had the same problem (sort of). my kitty Izzy, when i first got her she did a pee on the quilt. it's a kingsize one, i had no way of getting it in the washing machine, so i had to handwash where she had done her business.
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Originally Posted by pee-cleaner View Post
2 cups peroxide
2 t baking soda
2 drops dish detergent

Mix and soak stain. This will work.
Sounds effective to me!! If you try it, please tell us how this worked for you
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I've heard that vinegar can work - the rest I have no idea about. I do know that the only thing that worked for us was an enzyme cleaner. A typical one is Nature's Miracle, but we didn't have great success with it. We use Another good one is called Anti-Icky Poo. I don't know if it's in pet stores. It is available here:

However, other posters are right. Whenever a cat pees outside the litterbox, 85% of the time it is a medical problem, so the very first thing to do is get the cat to a vet. If it's not a medical problem, there are a lot of threads about it in the Behavior forum, however, the product called Cat Attract Litter is helping many, many people with this kind of problem with their kitties.

Back to the cleaning problem - when on a mattress, when using an enzyme cleaner, you must use LOTS AND LOTS of it. You must COMPLETELY soak anywhere the pee got to. We probably used a gallon of the stuff - and we then covered the area with thick towels and made the bed. It took about a week to dry, and we swapped the thick towels out about every two days.

We also used the enzyme cleaner instead of detergent to do the wash - then sent everything through the wash again with the regular detergent.

All of this is necessary, because it is NOT enough to clean up the smell to your nose - it must be cleaned up to kitty's nose, or the smell of the pee alone will continue to encourage her to go there.

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ok, i tried my own lil mixture, lets see what happens...seems to be working so far. i think what the problem was, i had a bean bag chair on my bed, and i think they mistook it for a litter box cuz of the sound and texture. but the stuff i sprayed on it was a mixture of laundry soap, that has fabreeze in it, with some vinegar and hot water.
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HAHA!! Jack just Peed on my bed a couple days ago!!
He hasnt been allowed in my room since.. except for today cause he snuck in and fell asleep on my bed.
Now I gatta take my Faux Fur Blanket to the Dry Cleaners.
Although my Mattress wasnt really wet... so I just wiped it down with a wet dish soaped cloth.

Why do cats Pee on Beds?? ((Jack was the first ever cat to Pee on my bed though))
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Simba did this the other day and the only way to make it stop was to use Nockout ... Cat-it-Out also works ...

As others said, it might be UTI (does he cry when he pees?) but if he's a kitten, the chances it is UTI is around 1%. More probably is a territorial issue.

Do you have other kittens or cats in the house?
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