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complications with Lucky's spay

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I am very thankful I took Lucky in to get spayed, When I picked her up this morning the vet said, that Lucky had a large absess on one of her ovaries, he was able to remove it intact, he gave her an antibiotic shot, he said to watch her closely, for signs of infection, but he thinks she'll be ok because the absess didn't burst. He said if I hadn't brought her in, and the absess burst she most likely would have died. Once again Lucky is lucky
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Oh my goodness she is a very lucky girl!! I am so glad that the vet was able to get it before it became a problem!
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Someone is watching over your little girl there. for an event-free healing.
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wow, that is lucky!!! so glad your little girl is okay
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Oh, wow! I am so glad that she is ok!
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Lucky has the perfect name. I'm so happy!
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Awww poor Lucky! Good thing you brought her in.
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glad to see she's livin' up to her name
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Wow, she truly is a lucky girl, good luck for the healing.
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Wow, do you have impeccable timing or what? Thank goodness she's okay!
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Oh wow she is certainly lucky. Im so glad she took her in, too. Many healing vibes headed her way.
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Lucky is doing much better today, she has been eating and drinking, I have had to separate her from Gus, he doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't want to play.
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I had to separate my kids after their spay/nueter too. of course Berach was fine the next day but it took a little longer for Chloe to heal.
he kept tackling her and then giving her weird looks because she wasn't fighting back
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