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Need some advice on my HL cat :(

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I just brought my cat home from the vet yesterday, she has fatty liver syndrome.. though they haven't figured out why she became anorexic to get to that point.

I've been forcefeeding her a quarter can of a/d every 3-4 hours, but I'm worried I'm forcing it too fast and I don't want her to choke or anything.. She pretty much just sleeps in between feedings and doesn't drink water at all (although I water the a/d before feeding it).

The worst is trying to give her renakare gel, at least 1/4 of it ends up everywhere but in her.

She's also supposed to get metronidazole and baytril, but I'm not sure WHEN is the best time to give it to her, I feel like I'm stressing her out enough as it is.

Also, any idea how long before she'll start eating again on her own? She's been getting forcefed since tuesday, although I just brought her home yesterday
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If they can be crushed and given with food, I'd suggest mixing the medicines into a very small amount of food, and giving that first--that way you know the medicine got in. Then continue feeding the rest of the meal. Are you syringe feeding orally or by tube? If orally, make sure you squirt the food across her tongue or at the rough of her mouth, not toward the back of her throat. With Willow, my vet said to aim for about 40 mL per feeding--when I tried to go higher, she would swallow a lot more, and I think she may have aspirated some food. Her case was a little different as she didn't have hepatic lipidosis, but she wasn't eating anything. We found syringe feeding too stressful, so I had an e-tube (e for esophageal) inserted--it was a quick surgery, and it was well worth the money (about $250 at my vet, were costs tend to be on the high side). Even though it ultimately didn't affect her survival outcome (she had FIP), it was beneficial to my peace of mind to know that she was getting the nutrients she needed rather than starving to death.

As for when your kitty will eat on her own, there really is no way to know. I wouldn't offer food right away as the smell can make them nauseous. Unfortunately, your cat will eat when she decides the time is right, and that can sometimes take weeks or even months.

If you haven't already, you may want to join the assist feed Yahoo group:

They have tons of information and experience and are very supportive.
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There are several people who have recently gone through HL or Fatty liver successfully recently. Imunsie is one, this is her thread about Kismet

Hissy, one of the mods here is very experienced too.

I am sure neither one would mind a PM from you.

I have to agree with Cloud-shade. If the force feeding is too stressful then the e-tube is the best way to go. They don't get stressed out about food that way.
Following is a like by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM about feeding tubes.

Keep positive and if you have questions please don't hesistate or feel reluctant to phone your vet. They are there to help you through this, even while at home.

Sending lots of positive vibes your sweet girl
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40mL every 3-4 hours seems like a lot. I am fostering a cat with HL (see my posts in this thread) and they told me to try to get 60-80 mL per day into him. My goal has been 90mL, since that's a nice even 6 tablespoons a day.

Maybe it's because she's newly diagnosed and they want to be really aggressive at the beginning?

Anyway, I've been doing a/d too, but have been mixing it with KMR and pureeing it, so it goes through the oral syringe more easily. We're not tube feeding, as my shelter told me, it can lead to a permanent food aversion. He's been diagnosed for nearly 4 weeks now and ultimately, they want to see him eating a whole 5oz. can of food per day. We've got awhile before that happens. As I said in the other thread, since he's been on the prednisolone for anemia, his appetite has perked up and he's eating more, by himself each day. It's a slow process- they've told me anywhere from 6-12 weeks before his liver is back to where it was. As for when they start eating by themselves, I think that depends on the cat.

If you are syringe feeding and have found it stressful, one thing I've discovered this week is that it was so much easier to feed him with a syringe when I wasn't holding him down. Before, I'd hold him close to me and force his mouth open- it was taking twice as long because he'd struggle out of my arms. Then I found out that if I find a quiet place where he feels safe (like the back of my walk-in closet or on the futon in our office) and let him settle on a spot, then position myself so I can get to him easily, all I have to do is tip his head back and open his mouth and he doesn't struggle- he just didn't like being restrained. He still wasn't happy about the whole process, but he was much better.

This was a cat I was already hoping to adopt from the shelter I volunteer at, but had not yet done so and it's been so hard. To already own the cat and be that much more attached and worried, I can't even imagine! ((ShadowBaby & kitty))
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just PMed you some info.

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