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We like ona county road and about 15 minutes ago snowmobilers (even when its below zero outside) cut on our property.
Most of the snowmobilers ride on the other side of the road but no, not these yo-yo's. There is a trail about 1/4 mile down the road.

I was tempted on jumping in the car and following them too.
How would they like if I rode on their yard!!
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Some people have no manners!
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That's just rude! Is there nowhere else to ride people?
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oh how rude!! You need a sign and something that makes a loud bang.

"Trespassers will be shot, suvivors will be shot again"

If that doesn't make them think twice, then letting loose a couple of bangs while they're riding through, might!!

If the're riding off the trail though, you can always hope they hit a stray rock
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You need to go outside in your robe, shake your fist at them and holler, "Darn kids! Get off of my lawn!"

Do you think they got lost?
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