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cat enclosures

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Hi Guys, sorry about the typing but i am in a hurry but i have to ask this question. I have four cats, three of which live in the house a very rarely go outside but will if i let them. Two cats both males(fixed) and one female (not fixed) live in our lani. I am looking for any ideas for enclosure for outside to build or any ideas which i can let them outside freely so they don't get hurt or worst run away. Also any ideas on inside enclosure (large) will be helpful. Thanks for letting me join with you cat lovers and look forward to talking to each one of you.

email: disneynut@earthlink.net
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Hi! Are you familiar with "Cat Fancy"? There are some interesting ads in there for cat enclosures. We have a balcony secured with a "cat net" for our cat - he busts right through regular screens. I'd take a look at "Cat Fancy" if I were you (available at many pet supply stores).
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Hi and welcome to the forums! I hope you find a really good cat enclosure! Thanks for the link Lhezzza! Also, it would be best to have your female spayed as soon as you can so that if she accidentally gets out she won't get pregnant. Plus it is acually better for her health.

This is the forums policy on spaying:

Please make sure to spay or neuter your cat. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please spay/neuter your cats before they reach sexual maturity (at the age of 4-6 months). By spaying and neutering you enhance your cat's quality of life and improve his or her health. You are also proving your love for cats because in acting as a responsible pet owner you are minimizing the problem of cat overpopulation. Please read this article and don't hesitate to ask for more information in the forums.
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Lhezzza, thanks for the link! I've been debating for while on an outside enclosure. But I rent the basement of a house of new home owners and don't know what they would think of such a thing. Plus, now that I opened the spare bedroom for the cats to explore some more, Tigger won't come out of there! She has totally exluded herself from everyone else here! She used to sleep with me at night but when Darrell tried to bring her to me today he said she took one look at the bed and ran away! So I closed the door to the spare bedroom hoping that she would come back to me but she's on the kitchen table in front of her food dish where Roo can't see her. She's on my lap now only because I brought her here and started petting her. I'll open the door for her again once she's let me pet her for long enough! lol.
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Disneynut - I have four indoor kitties that lounge in their outdoor cat enclosure. We built it about a year ago and they love it....here's a link to view my enclosure and it is also where I purchased my plans. Click here to view

Hope this helps!
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Just to remind eveyone we actually have an article about the subject right here:

Hope this helps.
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And don't forget there is always----

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