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New Adoptee!! STUNNING!!!!

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This is my parents new adopted girl. I found her for them. She has had a rough go, she is seven now and she is home fuuuuuuurrrrever.

Meet "maul-y"

Her first experience with a catnip pillow

Cute little white paws

Such a stunning girl!!!!
My dad built her this window perch that she loves!! she can look outside but she'll never have to live out in the cold ever again!
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Like you said...She's Stunning...Bless her heart Congratulations to your parents
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Oh wow! She's gorgeous. So she had her first dabble in the catnip!
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Poor girl is having a lot of firsts!!! First catnip, first time sleeping in a bed!!!!!!!! LOL, poor thing, ever self-respecting cat deserves a human bed to sleep in. Now she has three!!

She is so terrified of other cats which is why I couldn't keep her!! I don't think Cello would have been impressed with a new sister either......haha
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Well, I'm glad she if finally going to get pampered like every cat should be.
for a quick adjustment!
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She is gorgeous! I'm glad she's found such a wonderful home with your parents.
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THanks!! we were actually really suprised. Figure she would hide for a long time but once she got out of an environment with other cats etc. She was kinda like "finally I'm home, what took you people so long!!"

Her only issue now is that she doesn't like being picked up so much and will sometimes hiss. But she doesn't really need to be picked up for much! and i'm sure once she gets used to everyone and everything she'll get over the hissing.
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awww, she's hit the kitty jackpot! yay!
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She's so beautiful!! I'm so happy she has her furever home!!
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She is gorgeous!!
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She's beautiful!
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Aww...what a beautiful and lucky girl! Love her white paws!
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I just love her little black streak down her nose!! She is gorgeous!! It is so amazing how a cat will sometimes seem to know that they are finally home where they were meant to be all along!
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Beautiful girl. I'm glad that she found a good home. Its nice that you got to help put her and your parents together.
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she's beautiful!
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she's gorgeous! I'm sorry but I must have missed the story on her? What's the scoop?
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She is beautiful!!!!!
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Oh what a pretty girl!!! She is stunning!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
she's gorgeous! I'm sorry but I must have missed the story on her? What's the scoop?
she came from a feral colony, but clearly at one point was a house cat because she was just too friendly with people, and clearly really weary of other cats (and previously spay). So a friend of the family took her from the colony as a barn cat, however shortly after that she went missing in the middle of the winter.

Somehow a mean feral made it into the barn and was beating her up so she ran away and was living in a hay feeder. When my friend found her she was in bad shape. Had to have the tips of her ears removed from frostbite, was full of mats, URI you name it.

She took her to the vet and got all that cleaned up and brought her in the house. However she has 3 siamese and poor little girl was terrified and cried and hid all day.

So she called me to see if I knew someone. My parents lost their last cat about 3 years ago and our dog is really nasty with other dogs so we never got another cat. However I brought my guys home for christmas and cello got out of my bedroom and the dog didn't mind the cats at all!!

soooooo I called my parents and they were thrilled to take her.

She is around seven and had no idea how to be a housecat, or maybe she forgot?? but she is relearning pretty fast, and no other kitties to compete with.
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She's so pretty! It looks like she has a wonderful home now!
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She is stunning!!!!
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awww she looks so sweet!
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