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My mom got a bum online deal ...

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My mom ,bless her heart, does not know how to make sure she is buying from reputable online store. Here is the store. Back in August or so she bought a Sega Genesis from a yard. Got a great deal (1$) but was missing a cable. So they got to looking online for that cable. Well they found that but is was 20 something dollars for it. Well then they thought I could just get a bundle for XYZ online for just a few dollars more then the cable alone. The bundle came with console, all cables and adaptors, controller and 6 games. It also said new according to her. So beginning of Nov. she bought this bundle. When it came in it was dirty and nasty and did not work. So she called the company (via a long distance number not toll free) and kid answered the phone and tried to argue that it did work. Push comes to shove and they said send it back (at her cost) and they will send her another. She sent with a delivery conform. number so she knows they recieved the package. And 2 months later still no replacement has been sent. Everytime she calls its the same thing we are sending it yada yada yada...

So finally she calls me to tell me the situation and ask about the site and what can be done to either get her money back or get a working game system like she was promised from this site. So I go to the site first to take a look at it. Looks professional and all but to make an order you have to call long distance to do this. There is no customer service number listed just an email. She said she can call the long distance number and talk to someone. Also the bundle she bought that they claimed was new is now listed as pre-played.

My next step was to check reviews. Oh boy if my mom had done that from the get go she would not be in this situation. The reviews for this site is horrible. Everything from products to no shipping, no order ever recieved, switching games to give them cheaper ones than what was order...I mean it was bad.

So here was what I told her to do. And if nothing else it will be enough to either get her money back or get the product back. She is emailing them today and the email will say in a nutshell:

"My name is X I bought (system) with an order number of X. The product did not work and I sent it back to ya'll on the promise of your company sending back a product that actually works. It has been 2 months and this has not happened. You have X amount of days to contact me with when you plan to send me back a working product or a refund. If this does not happen I am calling my credit card and telling them this is fraud and I want my money back." And whatever else she thinks will work.

I just wish my mom was a little more savvy about this stuff. If she had done just one search for reviews she could have saved herself some heart ache.
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The net is a hard place to shop. Good thing she used a credit card and not a debit card. At least she has some recourse.
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well, if nothing else happens she will have learned a very valuable lesion for not very much money. It could have been a lot more. But I do hope that everything gets resolved.
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