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New Job

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On Tuesday (15th) I attended an interview at my local hospital to work as a member of bank staff for a variety of wards. Overall, the whole interview went well, and the two charge nurses on the panel were really pleased with me, I managed to answer all the questions correctly too.

I left the interview on such a high, I felt good in myself (must have been the coffee they gave me as a welcome!)

So, this afternoon I receive a letter through the post...and they would like to employ me!
I feel like I could jump over the moon
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Hooray! Good for you!
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good for you!
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Congrats!! That's exciting!
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Yay!! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations! When do you start?
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Congrats! And also good luck on the job!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! You deserve a really big ol' celebrate, you do!
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They have yet to confirm my start date, as need to have a criminal records check done, and also a health check. I will also need a hep b vaccination before I go onto the wards.

Will keep you informed
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