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Funny cat behaviour after shower

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Whenever I've taken a shower or a bath, Nikita will be there waiting for me and then when I'm drying off she'll very thoroughly rub her face on my ankles and calves. She'll also purr loudly and get me to pet her.

I've figured out that basically she's making me smell 'right' after I've washed her previous scent marking off me so it's sort of cute really.

Is this common, do your cats do something like that too?
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YEP! Spike is pretty OBSESSED with marking my face after I take a bath. He'd start meowing until I let him reach my face then he'd proceed to rub his face all over my face purring. If I start to stand up, he'd stand on his rear legs and reach up with his paws to pull my head down so he could continue to rub my face with his face.

ALSO, Buddy (his littermate) always jump on my back (on top of towel) as I bend over to dry myself and would proceed to roll around on my back, chase his tail or peer at me over my shoulders. Luckily he doesn't scratch me OFTEN doing this.

Another WEIRD thing is that 4 cats (Pepper, Tango, Spike and Buddy) LOVES to drink from MY BATH WATER AFTER I'm IN!! Pepper started it. When I come into bathroom in the morning, she'd get all excited and start meowing and when I turn water on, she'd meow more and start jumping around. When the tub's almost full, at least 3 or 4 cats would be on the edge of the tub waiting. They will NOT drink until I get in. As soon as I get in, then they proceed to slurp at water for a good 10 minutes! Tango likes to run his paw through my hair in the water then lick excess water off his paw. I am SO THANKFUL that NOT all SIX does this or I would have problems getting into the tub with all 6 sitting on the edge of the tub and I'd be late more!

SILLY MONKEYS!!! They've made me late to work on occasions due to these behaviors..
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Arwen waits outside the bathroom for me mewing her little heart out! When I open the door she is straight round my legs and almost tripping me up as I walk back to my room...
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That's really cute. Snickers loves to watch me take a shower. It's not a very pretty view either.
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too funny, my kitty will occasionally lick the water off my feet and ankles but she's sort-of adopted Shawn since he moved in and MUST cuddle with him while he's still in his robe after a shower.
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I had a cat that loved to lick my hair after I used a certain brand of shampoo... she loved the scent
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lol Teddy waits outside the bathroom door keeping watch, making sure no one comes in. Occasionally he will come in and peep around the shower curtain to make sure im doin alright, then he will go back to his spot lol. (sometimes i leave the bathroom door open as it leads into the laundry and i shut the laundry door). When Im finished he comes in and scans the shower floor then licks the water up lol
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All 3 of mine have to re-mark me after I shower. Demetri lays on the bath mat and waits, so he's always first in line.

It's new for them as until I moved about 4 weeks ago they'd never been in the bathroom when I shower.
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Kit's favourite time of day is shower time, and his favourite room is the bathroom. He'll meow pathetically to come into the bathroom while I'm in the shower, and if I don't let him in, he'll wait outside the door and come rushing in as soon as I open it. He likes to lick the water off of my ankles, feet, and calves, and he sometimes will groom my hair, as well. He also likes to lick the water out of the tub, off the faucet, and (don't tell my roomie!) off of her shower puff He'll also sleep on the bathmat if he's shut out of our room for some reason, or, alternatively, sleep in whatever puddle of water someone left in there. No lie. What a weirdo!
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Magnum stands on the toliet seat and stretches up to rub all over my face and neck after I shower.
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Pepper tries to get in the shower with me... When I get out she rubs all over me and purrs really loud.
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My Tosca wants to get in the shower WITH me!! I got from dirty, dry and furry, to clean, wet and furry. There is no unfurry! We can't use the bathroom at all for anything without supervision!
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