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How is Jack???

I need regular updates on the little munchkin! What crazy things did he do last night with his oh so kitten personality?

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Yeah - new pics and an adjustment update please!
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ditto - we demand more sweetie-face!
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yea more more more more more more!
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Oh my... where do I start!

I forgot how tiring a kitten is!

Jack found the joys of toilet paper........... (need I say more!?)

I haven't had a chance to post more photos, we had hockey games = Monday & Wednesday.... tonight I plan on a "photo session"

Cooper is still adjusting to Jack.... I think she realizes that he is just a baby - she sits and watches him alot.....

He jumped in the shower with me this morning....... dripping wet kitty... I had to blow him dry before I left for work! (HE LOVED IT!)

Oh yeah! Last night after the game, it was really cold (I get cold at 70 degrees!) so I turned on the fireplace - Jack had never seen fire before..... LOL (he got squarted with the water bottle cause he kept trying to crawl behind the fireplace curtin)

I'll upload the photos as soon as I take 'em!

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The joys of kittenhoood......*sigh*

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A handful indeed! What a little character.

Can't wait for the pics!!!
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