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what a way to start the weekend

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This has been one strange day. I guess i will start with my latest oddity that is boggleing my mind. I get online after i got home tonight. I get a add thinggy from yahoo. I had no idea who it was and accepted it on a whim. Anyway this guy just starts talking to me like he knows me, starts off with "i dont know how we lost touch with each other" Well i dont either, esp if i knew who he was to start with. His picture is a closeup, the kind where they stick their face in the camera ontop of the computer, and one of him half naked in front of a mirror with a cell phone. Scary older bald man! Turns out at some point in the last five years i signed his guestbook on his webpage, why i dont know because its a wiccan site that i do not understand. And i do NOT remember ever talking to him before.

Next up my bf's brother is in jail again, because he has too many dogs and refuses to get rid of any of them. So he got into it with the animal control. They took him in on a warrent and is supposed to see a judge tomorrow??

And for the biggest thing, i was walking back to my car tonight at walmart. I had to pick up some stuff for my mom. Some guy comes running up on me, mind you i was alone in the dark in a empty parking lot. Scared the snot outta me. I turned around when i heard him running at me, did this stance like i was going to kick him and screamed, he jumped about as high as i did and grabbed himself to cover where i intended on kicking. All he says is, "its cold out here" and heads towards this truck. "yes it is, and you scared me" i yelled at him. he said he was sorry and jumped into his truck still holding himself and drove away. Why would you run up on a woman alone in a parking lot like that? I bet he thinks twice about it, knowing where i was going to kick. I called my mom and she said it sounded a little wierd too. Kinda gives me the heebee geebees. Wierdos are out tonight. gosh!!!
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Originally Posted by blondrebel76 View Post
Scary older bald man! :
wow and here i thought you wanted to talk


and what wrong with scary looking older bald guys hmmm
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Oh Imp, there's a difference between "scary older bald men" and "slightly wierd older bald men"

Sounds like you've had quite the start to the weekend hun... and good for you for standing and defending yourself when that strange guy was running ar you. Alone and in the dark.... I think you'd be a target to be reckoned with!!
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