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Johnny likes to sleep paws up!!!

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finally had the camera in my hand whent he cat was sleeping paws up. he does this all the time.
check it out here:
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What a beautiful boy! Love the sleeping position Welcome!
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That's hilarious.

Nikita will sleep paws up sometimes but only when propped between my legs and the sofa or if in a basket or something. I've never see a cat do that on that flat a surface, it's really cute.
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Very cute! We hope to see more of Johnny!

Welcome to TCS!
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Soooo cute! I just want to rub that furry belly!!
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What a cute kitty!

Brandy sleeps like that sometimes, and it's the only time we get to rub his belly without being swiped at!
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He's adorable!
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That's very cute!!! What a funny boy
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aww, so cuteee
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Johnny is so adorable!!!!! Sometimes my Jumpy sleeps like that too.
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Aww, very cute!
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My Bootie also sleeps paws up - on her back, crammed into the very corner of the room (if she wanted to get further into the corner she'd need a triangular backbone!)
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very cute, Seamus falls asleep like that at night, and if he's really knocked out, I'll put my arm on him and he hugs my arm... if he's half awake and I do that, watch out!
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Awww what a cutie!
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Was that purring I heard?
He's beautiful!
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Welcome to TCS!

Johnny is so cute! Was that purring or snoring?
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Definitely purring!! I know purry kitty when I hear it!
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