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Do your cat's nicknames have meaning behind them?

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My first two don't. I guess I wasn't a very trained Meowmy yet.

But Mojo and Ginger's nicknames have meaning behind them

Mojo's nicknames are Button and Thunderbutt. OK, Thunderbutt should be pretty self explanatory since she thunders around like an elephant. Button came about because I was always calling her a Silly Butt, and then I saw Natalie's (whitecatlover's) picture thread about being "Cute as a Button" for PJ and Punky. And that night I was looking at Mojo, and it just came to me - in her voice, "I'm not cute as a button, I AM the Button!" So she's been Button ever since.

Ginger Cookie only really has one nickname, besides Cookie, but that doesn't count because it's part of her name. Her nickname is Bunny because when she sleeps she almost always gets bunny feets, and her fur is soft like a bunny.

How about your kitties? Are their names just cute and meaningless like Trent (Boo Bear) and Ophelia (Precious), or do they have a story like Mojo (Button) and Ginger (Bunny)?
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Our kitties are just "Smudgey kitten", because at 1 1/2 she still looks like a kitten, and probably always will. Lily is "Pretty Lily" or "Lily-girl" because she's always so dainty looking, and Stumpy is just "Stumpy cat". We're pretty unoriginal with nicknames
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Lucy's is Mary as in "Mary, Mary quite contrary" because she has a problem with everything. She growls and purrs when I hold her. Every bit of cat wisdom doesn't apply to her (example - Sticky Paws attracts her, not repels her).

Carly is "daddy's little football" though she's losing this one because she's dropped a pound over the last month with her dieting and doesn't have the football shape any more.

Much doesn't really have one - though I do call her Munchkins at times.
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I call Snickers Snickalodeon!
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my cat's nicknames, don't really have any meaning behind them. they are just random names my boyfriend has come up with!
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Yup, some of mine do.

Eightball is goofball. That has to be self explanatory.

Muddy & Koko are collectively kitten-nino's, or more specifically, the kitten-nino's east. Their littermate brothers are the kitten-nino's west. We adopted the brothers to our friends (they live west of us) whom we travel with and more often than not, go to Puerto Vallarta. The first PV trip after they adopted them, we were trying to figure out the spanish word for kitten. After a long day of drinking on the beach, we came up with the collective name of "kitten-ninos" for them. It just stuck. Everyone else in the household are the "gato's".

Sage & Dakota are the Igamus. After the drunken spanish naming of the nino's, we asked our nephew what the Sioux word was for cat. Nephew was teaching at a native American school in South Dakota at the time and the sage plant has symbolic use in ceremonies there. He said it didn't have an official spelling, but was pronounced Igamu. That just stuck also.

Stumpy's last name is "Speed Bump", after our vet tech house sat for him one time and called him that. Yes, he runs in front of you and lays down.

Pinky is the "Bruncle". We rescued him from the feral cat colony by our house and about a year later rescued Scarlett from the same colony. There was a feral male that looked like both of them in the area that we could never trap and we suspect that Pinky was either an uncle or brother to Scarlett. Therefore, he became the "bruncle". Scarlett is sometimes called the "sniece".

Lucky is quite often Lucky Pierre or just Pierre. One of the trips with our "nino-west" friends was to northern Wisconsin, where we stayed at a cabin down the road from a bar called Lucky Pierre's. Returning from that trip, we found out that Lucky's entire family had FeLV, this after surviving a tornado earlier that year. Lucky hadn't been named up to that time and we named him the moment he tested negative for FeLV. The vet said "darn he's lucky", and we responded, "no, he's Lucky Pierre!".
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We call Pepper "Motorbutt" because she purrs so loud she sounds like a motor!
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Spaz's nicknames do not, most are just variations of her name.

Ivory, well, her only nickname is Bug, as a baby she was a lovebug, as an adolescent she was a pest, and as a young adult she goes between cuddlebug and pest.

Shadow's only nickname cannot be told here, but he got it because he whines and complains about everything, even if he is enjoying something.

Vash, his nickname is Vash-brrrrt!, because if you call his name, he always answers by saying "Brrrrt!?"

Trouble is a squishy big boy, and he loves to be loved, so I call him Buddy cat, Trouble Bubble, Bubble boy, and Bubble buddy.

Cassi is Miss Mew, or Cassi Mew, she's constantly Mewing, chirping and trilling
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I call Circe psycho because she obsessed with me like a stalker

I call Electra Cantaloupe because it looks like she's got a cantaloupe in her belly

I call Hades my boyfriend, cause he loves me so much

the rest are really just variations on their names so I won't get into it
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Rascal often gets called Poopy, Poopsie, Pooper-kins, The Poop-meister, ... (probably for obvious reasons ).

He also gets called Little Guy, because he is.
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What a fun thread!

Ming Loy is Ming doo-doo because for the first month or so our little handicapped wobble-butt girl needed help cleaning up her behind. We also call her "Muja" - as in Mujahideen - because of her stiff legs she walks like a little soldier, and because she terrorizes the other cats by constantly hiding and attacking them.

Her other nick-name that came about is Doo-doo bird - you know the doo-doo part, but the bird is because she launches herself around the house zipping and flying around here like a nut!

Flowerbelle's nick-name is Whitey-bird. A) because she's white, and B) because like Ming Loy, she goes FLYING around here! (The two of them chase each other like crazy). She also gets called "the little white cat" - because that's what she is, and that's what her "name" was for a while - when we intended just to foster her. Yeah, right!

Gary calls Shelly "Sheliqua" because sometimes he's such a wuss - as Gary says - he acts like a little girl.

Lazlo is Laz-the-Spaz. Figure that one out. He's also "Lazbelow" - because he loves hiding under things.

We don't call Tuxedo nick-names. Just Tuxie. Sometimes, I guess, we call him Tuxie the Muncher - because he crunches all his toys.

Spooky we officially renamed Spooky Underfoot - because she is - you guessed it - always underfoot.

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Oh - I really should add: when Ming Loy first came home, she was separated in her own room for a while. She used to sleep under a chest in that room, and because she had to squash down and wiggle under, it would take her a minute or two to get out. So whenever we opened the door to go in, we'd call out, "Where's Ming Loy?"

So when we first let her out of the room, she was running around, and we'd call her: "Ming Loy!" No response. So we tried "Where's Ming Loy?" - and she'd turn her head to look and come running! For the first few weeks she lived with us, she thought her name was "Where's Ming Loy?"

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Stumpy's last name is "Speed Bump", after our vet tech house sat for him one time and called him that. Yes, he runs in front of you and lays down.
Ah, yes, that would be my Cindy, who is, among other names, "Toll Kitty" -- there are several of those flops on any given journey -- from the gate across the yard, from the study to the bedroom, you get the picture...

She's also "Cinnamon Bun", because of her cinnamon dusting, and because she is both sweet and spicy (tortie!), which gets shortened to just "Bun", and then lengthened to "Bunneeeeeeeeeeeee"; and "Woolly Bear", because her coat is dense and soft.

Hers are the most descriptive, though Fawn is "Our Sweet little Nut Case", which I think is pretty self-explanatory.
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I call shadow shadoobly doo, mama cat,fat cat and doobles. Mittens is mama mittens and Miss gloves. David is rugrat and two bit brat
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Um, er....

Puddin' has no real meaning.

Bunny, cause he's bunny fur soft.

Kittypants, because he looks like he's wearing white kitty pants!
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TigerLily is Two Face...she'll run from dad, but then moments later she'll be in his lap acting like a tramp wanting tummy rubs.

Ophelia has 2 nicknames. One is . The other is the Spook of the Basement....she's kinda flighty. She basically haunts the basement.

Twitch is Toofless Teachy. She has no teeth.

Squishy is Jaws o Life....he likes to bite.

Dorian Grey is Dorky all started out as him being a dork....but I'm a bit Finding Nemo fan so it turned to Dorky...and well, Dorky Fish came out of it! For awhile, we referred to Dorian as the "sexy beast" as he strutted every place he went, trilling up a storm...I swear he though he was on America's Next Top Model! I still call him my Sexy Beast.

Damita is Bat Cat. Kinda self explanatory for the blind cat.

PJ is piggo....he's got kinda a flatter squarer face, a pig nose....and he eats like a pig & snorts the entire time he's eating.

Punky is Punky Monkey. He has a thing for socks & was originally sock monkey....but punky monkey just fit.

Fafeena is Queen Feen....she rules the roost.

Billy Bob & Tony Bob are Fat Bob & Skinny Bob...the only way to tell them apart is their weight!

Cow is Goober....sans teeth he drools & spits a lot

Molly is Squeakage....she just runs around squeak squeak squeak!

Goat Head doesn't need a nickname.
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I have BooBoo who is more known as "my Boobsie Baby" because when I was breastfeeding he would try to get in on it... YEAH! that was fun! I finally just gave him some of the milk!

Little Eek is known as Jinx, thats kind of self explanitory... He has the worst luck of any kitty Ive ever seen!

And Hobo Jax, is famously known here for being a Hobo, so he gets called that, but has more endearing nicknames like Fuzzpants! because he has the softest, cutest fuzziest pants!! He's also been called Boots, because he has white boots, and then Ringer for the ring around his tail and sometimes my Husband calls him Smelly... He smelled really bad when we got him!!
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Ishy is Noodle because that is what her brain is made of.

This started, I should say, with my brother's dog, Cassie. She became many things- 'Casaroo Jack', 'Casamander' and finally 'Casserole.' And, as any good chef who is my brother might know, Casseroles are made of noodles. And Ishy and Cassie have a similar propensity to launch themselves into walls.

It's also a fun word to say.
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