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It's 10 below outside...

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...and Fafeena won't stay in! She's 14 years old for crying out loud!!

She's too smart for her own good, can open doors to let herself out. She has broken out windows before to get out, too.

Sometimes I alternate between & for her.

She's blind in one eye, can't see straight ahead in the other....it's going to be freezing outside, but she won't stay in!

So, boxes of straw covered with blankets on all sides are in the garage. I converted an 18 gal rubbermaid tote that I was using as a LB into a kitty house & wrapped it all the way around with blankets. Self warming cat beds in those, too. Hopefully, they all stay warm! Fat Bob, Skinny Bob, & Molly are all in the garage with her. Can't help the semi-ferals out of the garage much more(they won't come in), the doghouse is packed with straw, the shed cat door is open & there's 2 doghouses full of straw in there, in addition to the straw loose in the shed. All the doghouses outside are insulated, too.

Slightly warmed or room temp canned food 2x a day. Warm or room temp water 2x a day, plus they've got heated bowls..... Kinda makes me wish I lived in FL right now!

It's a mother's nature to worry. I'm esp. worried about the feral colonies....we've had calmer winters, nothing this cold for awhile!
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Sending many stay warm for your stubborn babies!
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They have a mind of their own! If she's a smart, outside cat and 14 years old, she's wise and knows how to look after herself. Cats are resourceful, when they're ready they will find a warm spot - sounds like you've provided plenty for them!
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It's only 42 here and I think it's freezing!!!
:vibes for all those stray babies
and those who won't stay in!
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