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Male mental problems?

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Ok, I know there has been alot on the subject of urinating outside the litter box, and although that is one of my problems there are others. I think i have a crazy male cat. so, here's the situation. I have four cats, two are almost 2 and the other two are not quite 1 year. All have been spade and neutered. My "crazy" feline is male less than a year. I have moved last july into a new place and since then the kitten has been urinating, not all the time, on the carpet, mostly by the walls. Its weird, he uses the litter box the majority of the time but its like he decides every once in awhile to go on the carpet, a treat for him or something. So, I had the feline checked for urinary infection and came back all clear. I have three litter boxes that I clean every other day (should I do it more?). I'm worried that the other cats will start to do this behaviour...would they??? How do I stop this behavior?

Also, the same feline sucks it thumb...and it does it only on the person's lap or near another kitten...how weird is that and he'll do it FOREVER...until his paw is SOAKING!! Is that normal?
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Holy cow...yes....you should scoop twice a day when you have multiple cats. Think of it...would you want to stand in other people's pee and poop when you have to potty? Of course not! Cats are very clean critters, so many will refuse to use a box that is dirty!

AND you should have at least one box per cat (and its even best to have one extra box). So...the boxes are too dirty for your boy to use. So...no he isn't crazy!

Click here for more ideas on how to stop inappropriate urination.
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I would have to disagree with that assessment and here's why...The cat will urinate even after the litter boxes are cleaned. For example I cleaned the litter boxes this morning and 15 minutes afterwards i caught him urinating on the carpet. That cat is crazy and has mental problems....I am taking him to a feline shrienk...
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When he goes outside the box, is he squatting or standing up when he pees? Knowing this will help us get a better handle on his behavior.

(However, it is still important to scoop more often than you are currently.)
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Its definately urinating, not spraying b/c there is a puddle, and I mean saturated puddle. Plus it doesn't have that Spray smell...

But I'm going to invest a fluorescent black light and try to figure out all the places to clean..UGH! And then i just don't know...so frustrating...but I will clean out the boxes more often. Atleast daily...

What about the sucking the thumb???
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Some cats, usually those taken from mom too early will suck on things. Some thumbs,some blankets, etc. I don't think it's going to be an issue with him.
As for the urination problem. It sounds like you have gotten the right start with eliminating causes. If he just started to do this after the move, it could be stress, or even another animal had been in that space. First I would do as you plan and go over the house with the black light. Make sure to find every spot you can. Use a really good odor neutralizer. My personal choice is Nok-out. You can see what it is at www.nok-out.com. It really does a good job on getting the odor out. It's possible that he first did it from stress, and now he's going back because it smells like urine. If you try getting all the smells out, I would try and put him in a seperate room to see what might trigger it if he's by himself. If he's still doing it then, I would try a natural stress reducer. Dr. Bachs Rescue remedy in his water may help. It doesn't work on all cats, but it's worth a shot.
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