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Maybe a 3rd?

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My friend from work is moving into a much smaller home with a MUCH smaller lot than where she lives now (1500 sq ft / 2.2 acres in the woods versus 1100 sq ft / .2ish acres in a subdivision). Her almost 2-year-old cat has always been out in the "country" and she worries about keeping her outside in the neighborhood. She asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to give the cat a good home somewhere with a smaller chance of getting hurt. I told her I'd talk to Rob about it and see what he said. (We are building a 1570 sq ft house, and have 1.56 acres of land away from a main road).

When we were at the bowling alley, he just said "I am not calling her Pocahontas". (Which is the name my friend's daughter gave the cat...the Lab's name is Dora ). I asked Katina & Monte if they wanted an older sister, LOL. We'll see, he hasn't said anything for sure, but I'd be willing to give her cat a good home. We can afford a 3rd, and we've talked about another on occasion. Her husband is willing to let the cat go to a good home because he fears she'll get hit in the neighborhood too.

I would post a pic, but the pic she sent me didn't work in my email. She looks to be a DLH in the pic, and her tail looks like a raccoon's! I thought there was a raccoon at her kitchen table!

Wish me luck on the convincing !
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sending many luck your way...cats are like pringles you can never have just one or two
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aaaw that would be wonderful! Sounds like the kitty has had one very loving family - one that loves her enough to want her to be happy, even if it means letting her go - and that is just so heartwarming.
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Originally Posted by Brandi View Post
sending many luck your way...cats are like pringles you can never have just one or two
Isn't that the truth My mom always said when the cats we had for 10 & 11 years died, she wouldn't have anymore. They're up to 3 now.

I told Rob that 3 is a nice little number of cats, and he did like one we saw at the SPCA when we volunteered a month ago or so. But he didn't think we'd have the room right now to keep her. He hasn't said anything more on my friend's cat, but I'll probably send him a picture tomorrow at work just to show him how pretty she is to work on the convincing

I believe my friend is still keeping their other cat, Snowball, because she's indoors only. She lucked out because the landlord said she could go ahead and have her pets even though it was listed as a no-pet rental home.
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Awwww, I hope you get her!! How exciting!!
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THREE is a great number. Take the cat.
-mother of Gette, Jiggy and Sophia (number three and "my sweet baby")
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