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For LDG - More Nakita Pics!!

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Since Laurie asked, I am posting some more Nakita pics! Blame her if your sick of me posting pics of my furball!!

This past weekend, we started leash training Nakita.

Leash Training 101

Hey !!! Something is on my back!!

Since Nakita did such a good job with the leash training we bought her a new toy (stick with a feather dangling down! Woohoo!). When we brought this home, this stick is suppose to mount on a table top so the feather dangles down. Within a millisecond of securing the stick to the table, Nakita lunged for it! She ran away with the the feather in her mouth and the stick trailing behind her!! Too funny!

Stay back, it's mine!!!


I love it! I love it! I love it!

Then I had to go make dinner, so I put the toy away. Look at her face in this pic,

Give me back my toy evil human !!!!

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Those are such wonderful pictures - Nakita is a beautiful wee thing!
How did the leash training go? I am thinking of doing it for Peedoodle - he needs to lose weight!
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WHAT?! Too much Nakita? Surely you are joking? MORE NAKITA! MORE NAKITA! MORE NAKITA!

Those are great pictures! SHe's a character!
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I love that last pic - Hey you! stop immediately and play with me!
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What a lovely cat Nakita is! I wouldn't dare put my two on a lead, they's probably end up running up a tree and taking me with them!! :laughing:
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that would be a sight sal - i can just see it, a pair of cats dragging you up a tree!

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
How did the leash training go? I am thinking of doing it for Peedoodle - he needs to lose weight!
I have to start her leash training since we go up to the cottage in the summer. Nakita is the easiest going cat I have known. It was her second time with the harness on, but the first time with the leash attached. I only do it for short intervals like 10 - 15 minutes, and I play with her the whole time so I think she enjoys it.

At least she doesn't tear out of the room growling and foaming at the mouth!

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Oh my.... she's getting sooooo BIG!!!

What a looker - good thing she's spayed! (wink)

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Originally posted by Auburn412
WHAT?! Too much Nakita? Surely you are joking? MORE NAKITA! MORE NAKITA! MORE NAKITA!
I couldn't have said it better myself!!

Kass, you know the whole site is just in love with Nakita!

Love the toy pics. She does look a bit more than irritated when you took her loverly toy away. We tried the ones that were supposed to stick to a surface too, with much the same result. How do they think a suction cup is going to withstand a playing kitty??? LOL
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What I would like to know is why the makers of these toys use feathers??!!

Nakita only played with it twice, and the feather is no longer a feather! I think she even ate a bit of it!

Back to the store I go!
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Those are cute. I wish I had thought of taking pics of Sam with his leash the first time we went outside. But be careful, that looks like the kind that Sam can get out of really easily. The first time I tied him out on the leash, he got out of it then meowed to tell me that he had done something wonderful. He just sat on the lawn beside the empty harness.

And he does not run up trees, but he does run up fire escapes.
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those are great pics, I love seeing Nikita, she is such a beauty! I too had the same exact toy with the same result. My Leo at the feathers too, and that suction thing does not work, we tried all different surfaces...keep the pics coming!
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I'll echo that Nakita is adorable and I for one, LOVE seeing her photos!
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I think I'm in love Pretty soon I am going to go shopping for my own little "Nakita" She is sooo adorable!
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I need some info.,I want to teach Grayski to walk on a leash,so I can take him down to the nursing home[where Ted's mom is]. How should I start him? And what kind of stuff should I buy? How hard is it to get a cat to do this?He is 11 months old,never had one on.And all kitten!! Thank you sherral46
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Nakita is so cute!! I especially like the one where she wants her toy back... and the one right before it too actually. It reminds me of how Spike tends to lie down on his side and kicks his mousies to "kill" them.
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Sherral, check out This Thread and go down a bit to where Helen gives a great step-by-step approach to harness training kitty.
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That's an excellent link that Heidi (valanhb) provided for you.

Sherral, I just started Nakita on the harness and leash. This is only the second time she has had the harness on, and the first time with the leash. Nakita so far (crossed fingers) does not mind it. The earlier you start the training the better. Nakita is just a little over 8 months old.

When I first bought the harness (I totally recommend the Figure 8 harness over the H type harness)I left it in her play area. She sniffed it and carried it around in her mouth. Once she was familiar with the harness, I placed it in her treats drawer. Nakita has her own drawer in the kitchen where I keep all her treats and supplies, so if I go to open it she knows she will get a treat.

I've kept the harness on her for small periods of time and always make it an enjoyable experience. I let her run around the house and she has become use to the friction of the harness on her fur.

She has not been allowed out in the mudroom at our house. Now, that will be the treat for her to explore when I put the harness and leash on her. When the weather warms up more, then we will slowly venture outside.

Again, patience and slow introduction is the key!

I will let you know how my progress goes!

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Nakita is a cutie pie..... She looks just like Tiger and Patches when they are playing with their favorite toy.
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I know I have said this before but...You should send in those pictures to the cat food companies and to pet smart to see if they would like to use Nakita as a spokes kitty. She is VERY photogenic

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I never get tired of seeing pics of Nakita!!!! She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Russian Blue wrote:
Since Laurie asked, I am posting some more Nakita pics! Blame her if your sick of me posting pics of my furball!!

BLAME ME! *Hmph.* Hands on hips. Look - everyone's basically THANKING me! Silly goose! Who wouldn't want to see pics of that gorgeous kitty!!! But I have to agree - you're not posting enough, because she's getting so big! We're missing all of it!!!!

...all of our kitties love playing with feathers. We have a wand toy that has a key-chain type end, so you can unclip and clip on different ends, and it came with three different types of feathers. Lazlo goes NUTS over all of them, and also runs off with the whole thing. But as soon as he gets a hold of the tufty-like feather end, he gets SOOO possessive, and growls while holding it. He looks around furtively - and growls again to warn anyone - it's HIS. Then he tries to run away with it. But Spooky loves the string part of it, and inevitably chases after that. Of course, Laz thinks she's after the feather... it's so comical!

THANKS for the Nakita fix, Kass!!!

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You are sooo making me fall inlove with Russian Blues.
Now now, we can't have that!
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