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Cat Travel

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Here is a good link to an article about traveling with your cat, especialyl for new cat owners. It lets you know your options and has some good tips.

As for my own little tip, I recommend the soft case to bring your cat in the cabin. But it's a good idea to bring a couple Pounce treats or something to settle kitty down if she gets restless!
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I won't even attempt to travel with my cats. Trent YOWLS the whole time he is in a carrier. That cat just screams bloody murder, and LOUD!!!!

Ophelia just gets so stressed. She's really good in the carrier, but shoots Trent nasty looks like "Shut Up!!! It's not THAT bad!!" She's just a ball of nerves when she comes out of the carrier, though.
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Cooper LOVES to travel.....

We went away for the weekend about a month ago.... Cooper came with us and stayed in the hotel room - She loved the change of view -

Just make sure to ask for NO MAID SERVICE

Most hotels/motels do not allow pets!!
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