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Friends or Foes?

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OK - so. I've had Shermie, my kitten, since July. He and Luna, my adult cat, seem to get along most of the time. They don't cuddle much but exist with each other normally. Luna has actually gotten more social since Shermie came. However, sometimes, they'll start to cuddle and one of them would start to lick the other. But it seems like after a while, one of them bites the other and they get into a wrestling match. Now I've seen both of them lick the other and both of them bite the other so....

Also, probably every night they'll chase each other around and play 'n stuff. Though, sometimes, they'll get into a really hard-core wrestling match and even sometimes Luna will his/growl at Sherm. Is this just her way of telling him that she's done playing, or is she still playing when she does it? I'm so confused!
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It's all so normal! The grooming thing may be partly affection, instinct, whatever, but is also at least partly a dominance thing... starts out so cute and gentle, but ends up with one or the other angry. Don't even try to control it, or do anything about it - it will always go on and is nothing to be concerned about (unless it really does change radically).
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ever heard of "dominance grooming"?

it could explain a lot.

This kind of behaviour was very apparent with Berach. He displayed obvious alpha qualities and would dominantly groom both Chloe and my 4 yo tabby Bea, which she did not appreciate in the slightest...

sounds like they're just being cats and trying to establish their own rules and pecking order
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I think its typical behavior. Charlie and Ling do the same thing. They will once in awhile be friends and cuddle and lick each other; then you see them both in a battle with one pinning the other down till the chase is on.....or maybe its the brother/sister type of thing?
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