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When Popsie is sitting at the top of the stairs I'll hid behind the corner and peek my head in and out. He meows everytime he sees me and then eventually he'll come down the stairs to get a pat on the head.
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haha! So cute!

My kitties like to play peek-a-boo too. Just hiding my head is enough for them to think I've disappeared, LOL
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Aww! How cute

Wish my kitties played games like that...they spend most of their day asleep!
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hee hee

Bea likes to play this game but she'll chase you around the house once she sees you!
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aww! my Glamorous has done this before hehe, more when she was a kitten though
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How cute! I'll have to try the hide n seek game. Butzie has me playing tag. I do my aerobics with her.
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That's so cute, I do that with Sash too. We don't have stairs though but I'll peek around the corner at him and play peek-a-boo and he always nods his head back at me and opens up his little mouth to acknowledge me and it melts my heart everytime. Of course, I can't resist then going over and giving him a big kiss!
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That's really cute!
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