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Poop Problem with Links

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I never thought I'd end up posting something like this as my cats have always been so well behaved. However, Links doesn't use the litter box every time he poops. I don't know what else to do. Lexi is fine with it. I got another box because I thought he was becoming fussy like Ziggy did, but he's still doing it. Yesterday I cleaned both trays thoroughly, and filled them appropriately. About 2 hours later there was a poo on my bathroom floor. The litter trays were untouched!!! It's only in the bathroom luckily, but I need to stop him doing it. The floor is thoroughly mopped with disinfectant, and I clean the poop area very well where he does it.

Please help me out with this guys
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Has it just started happening?, if so it might be worth taking him to get checked over by the vet?.
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I agree, rule out health problems before approaching this as a behavioral thing.

keep us posted
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I've heard of kitties with UTIs pooping on the floor. They can get UTIs as young as 12 weeks, also....so I'd rule out anything with the vet first thing.
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Thanks guys. I'll take him to the vet on Tuesday (next day off work.) He only did one this morning but he been okay the rest of the day. It started happening just before Christmas, but though it was stress from all the ups and downs.
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I am having a similar problem with my cat. I'm thinking it's not a UTI because she has no problem peeing in her box, she just won't poop in it. Near it, but not in it. She has two boxes, both are kept very clean.

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as my cat becomes a monster when it comes to the vet. We try to put off going to the vet as much as possible.
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if there's nothing physically wrong with him, try the cat attract litter or the additive - i've found it really helped with Chip's 'bed pooping'. he still does it but not nearly as often!
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