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Bucket of Beagles

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I was just browsing PetFinder and laughed the instant I saw these little guys. Aren't they hilariously adorable?!
Here's the original link:
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they are adorable
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That is cute -- i don't remember seeing beagles with pale markings like those before.
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Oh my gosh!! How cute are they!
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beagles are the ONE puppy that I can't resist.
love em!
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Oh my goodness! That just made my day!!!!! It just melts my poor little heart
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omg i just wanna cuddle that light one in the front center. omg they are sooooooooooooooooo cute!
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Awwwww, so cute!!
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Awww, I want that bucket!!
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AWWW!! What little dolls!
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So cute!
I love beagles!!
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that's super cute!
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If they aren't the cutest bucket o' beagles i've ever seen!
Just want to kiss their little precious faces
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