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NEw fosters coming this weekend!!

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On Sunday, so I better enjoy my last day of rest tomorrow, cos shall be back up to 6 on Sun (over my comfortable limit!!). Their owner has liver cancer, so is unable to keep them, there is a 7yo grey tabby, a 4yo black and white female, and an 8yo black and white female. Fingers crossed they settle OK, and are easy to rehome - she said they could be split up, so I shall see what they are like here. I have only ever had 2 adults in my cat room, so fingers crossed it is big enough for 3 (6ft 9 by 11 ft 9, but there is 2 bookcases and a wardrobe in there).
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Ohhh! Increasing your numbers greatly in one fell swoop, eh?

Hopefully they can be split up so they go quickly.
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so how many is this already this year?? better watch out, you're getting up there quick!!
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Sadly yes, unless you count mum and kittens, I have never taken on so many adults in one go, but at least they are used to each other, so should be fine in my cat room. Only 4 this year Katie, but means if I have got to 4 by the end of the first month, I Am likely to be in double figures again (unless of course these take ages to rehome!!). I think the 8yo black and white might be the hardest.
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the poor lady did look very ill. The cats are very shy at the moment, so just leaving them to settle and wandering in for short periods. The male was described as a grey tabby, but I would class him as a brown tabby - he is very dark on his back. Then we have 2 black and white females, I am struggling to work out which one is which at the moment!! There is Moses, who is 8 ,and Tiddles who is 4. I have never come across a cat called Moses before, although had both a George and a Tiddles (last Tiddles was also black and white!!). George and what I think is Moses are both on the thin side, so will try and build those two up, and Tiddles is bigger. If she seems a bit on the big side, I might put her in the bathroom for a short while each day to let the others eat more food. Pics will take a while.
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Awww, the poor owner I am sending many calming vibes for the kits
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Thanks. The two oldest are on the thin side, and quite hungry and act as though they are desperate for affection (although the male does scurry into a safe place when you walk in). The youngest is very hissy spitty (while headbutting you for more loves!!), so if she is still like this in a few days, I think I will split her up, she hasn't eaten much yet, and it can't be nice being that agitated all the time - I put some RR on her ears last night, but it didn't make much difference.
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Had the first clean bowl tonight, but only one of 3 (although Tiddles is eating at least half her dry a day, Moses gets cat milk and George gets NM treats) and typically, I only bought one pouch, in case they didn't like it, so might have to do another supermarket trip tomorrow!! Unless they like the fishy Whiskas Rolo has, only fishy food left in the house I haven't tried them on (completely forgot about it!!). Other than the eating, you wouldnt think they had any issues, very playful, affectionate and dont cry when they are on their own.
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HEre are the pics



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Oh they are gorgeous...God bless thier owner......
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