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My new cats Terrible Gas!!!!

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My cat to put it simply has terrible gas (I think.) His butt smells really bad. We had him professionally groomed yesterday, and now were conviced he's got terrible gas. I do know he was just getting of a problem with Diareah (by the way, I'm sorry if this is gross, but I'ts true and Im not sure if the cat just smellss) Please tell me some of you have expericanced this, that my cat just isnt a really dirty cat.

Why hasnt he learned to clean himself yet????
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Couple of questions. How old is this cat. Does he have any type of pysical or mental impairment where he wont/can't clean himself.

When was the last time he was checked out by a vet, and did you tell him about this problem?
And also, what food do you have him on. Some foods can cause diahrea and gas, either if the food is just not compatible for your cat, or you changed from one food to another too quickly.
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He is about 4 months old, I didnt tell the vet cause when I brought him in we just thought he stunk real bad. He's been eating the same food, although im not sure what its called. He was getting over a case of diareah though, SO im hoping that is it.
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Oh, and as far as I can tell the cat has not imparments that would inhibit him from not cleaning himself
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I am going to move this thread to the Health forum where the health experts gave help.
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It could also be that the groomer expressed the anal glands because most reputable groomers will do this, and you are just experiencing the residual effect of that procedure.

If it persists though, I would call the vet and ask your veterinarian what he recommends.
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OH MY GOD!!!1 Is that what you think it is. Thats auful. But why is it my older cat never had that problem. Is this something that can be resolved quickly by cleaning them once, or is it going to be a problem that persists???
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It's not awful at all, it is a standard practice that good groomers know how to do, as do vets and even vet techs. It could be that your kitty needs to have them expressed more, which means a visit to the vet may be in order, he will be able to tell if it is needed.
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Is this something that can be done and taken care of once, or is it a problem that this cat might have for a while???
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There is no way that I can answer that question to your satisfaction. Your kitty may need to see a vet, have his anal glands expressed- you can even ask your vet to show you how to do this yourself. It isn't pleasant, but it is necessary to do it every so often, or real problems will occur.

Your cat may need a food change, he may need medication- there is no way to tell because we are not there to see him and see how he looks and acts and stuff. You are the one with the final say in this. If you take him to the vet and he checks out fine, then there are products you can add to his food to stop his terrible gas problems. But, really a vet should guide you, because if there is a problem, the vet will be the one to tell you what that problem is.
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yeah, it doesnt sound that good at all. Ive already put in a call to the vet, and will bring the little guy in today. I really hope its not going to be something im going to have to deal with on a regular basis....
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After the vet visit, check out this link here.There are several safe products available that will help you with this.

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