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Pardon My Ignorance

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My cat that I just got Christmas Eve (who was, unbeknown to us very sick with Giardia and Upper Respiratory) still have soft stool. The Vet has had him on meds since 12/24. He finishes up with this one tonight or tomorrow and although the diareah has subsided (he now has soft stool) it still is not normal. I'm probably going to take him back to the vet to see if the parasite is finally gone and if so, that means he has an additional problem.

If it's his diet, I would like to try now to start getting that under control. Pardon my ignornace but, may I ask what Priobotics is that I see on the forum. Its seems to help diareah? I will want to try it if so.

My cat eats only Nutro Hard (because that's what the other 4 eat, 3 of which we have had for 2+years and they've done very well on it and are very healthy). I was going to try to keep him on the Nutro becasue it's going to be so much easier for me with the other 4, but not at the expense of his comfort and health of course.
I would greatly appreciate some advice.
Thanks, Donna
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Hi - You should check with your vet about the diarreah. Some types of medications/antibiotics can cause a soft or runny stool.

Probiotics are "good bacteria". When you take probiotics, it puts good bacteria back into your system. I would ask the vet about this as well.
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