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They remembered me!!

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As some of you may know, I volunteer with a local rescue and I look after our PetSmart "storefront" adoptable kitties once a week, sometimes more. Sometimes I just go visit.

We had a litter of kittens come in and four of them were just languishing there in the store. I looked after them for two months and finally, our director pulled them to give them a break.

Then I went out on leave b/c of surgery. I hadn't seen these kittens (who are 8 mos old now) for six weeks. But two of them are back in the storefront now, the other two are still in foster care.

The two, I called Pitzie and Shy-Shy, remembered me, especially Pitz! Boy oh Boy did I get a greeting! He climbed out onto me, purring his head off, rubbing, pushing, head bumping, meowing, up on his hind paws and bumping me on the mouth with his nose/mouth, studying my face, rolling on his belly for skritches and kissing my hands, climbing in my lap and purring, purring, purring!!!!

His sister, who comes by her nickname honestly, took a little longer to warm up, but she remembered too and by the time I was there for a half hour, she was climbing out onto me and head pushing and nose-kissing me, perching on my shoulder. Etc.

Pitz perched, too, he's too big for that...!!!! He's gonna be a good sized boy when he's done maturing. 12-13 lbs easily if not more.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get that reaction. Another volunteer came by and I said, "Gail, they remember me!" and she said, "of course they do. They remember who's good to them!"

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Aaaaaaaaaaaawww that's so adorable!! I love when our shelter kitties remember me - especially the ex-street kitties. I have my own "office" - it's a shed really - where I and I alone, take care of the ferals. When they're in a fit state to be assesed and given the all clear, they go into the shelter itself and some of them turn into the most amazing housecats. Once they're in the shelter, I don't see very much of them so when they come back to the vet it's always nice to see them looking much healthier and happier than they did when they first came to me - and if they remember me, it gives me such a boost. It reminds you time and time again why you're in the job you are!!

I'm so happy that your kitties remembered you after so long - you must be doing something right hun!
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Thanks. And of course, they got lots of hugs and kisses from me, too. And Whiskas Temptations Salmon treats.
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Hehehe they really DO know who's good to them!
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