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Well, hate is such a strong word, that I really dislike using it. Plus, snow, work, cold, lima beans and public transit are all evil.

I see myself more as a Carribean girl then a Florida chick Heidi!
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1. bad drivers!
2. people who don't respect animals as feeling beings
3. rude people
4. liars
5. selfish, selfcentered people who are not considerate!
6. bratty whiny kids!
7. manipulative ex boyfriends!
8. radio stations that play the same crap over and over!
9. having no money and only be able to pay your bills
10. people who play thier music to loud: including the ones that drive around at 2 am when I'm sleeping and waking me up because they want to blow thier eardrums on the bass they've cranked up in thier car!

See a trend? I must really hate people, thank god I have cats!
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Oh and I forgot the most important one:

Men who think that just because we are women, we enjoy picking up after them and cleaning the house and it's our job because we are women!
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oh yeah!

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Originally posted by Tamme

I LOVE Cheescake. What do you not like about it?
i know. i'm a wierdo. EVERYONE i know loves cheesecake. it's just that it's so rich and sweet it overpowers me, i guess.
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i used to hate cheesecake when i was a kid because i thought it was a cake made out of cheese and while i love cheese, i couldnt imagine cheese in a cake and it kind of grossed me out.
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i am not a big fan of cream cheese, so that may be part of it. i can only eat cream chese if it sun dried tomato or veggie flavored. if it is sweet -- forget it.
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1. People that indulge in their filthy, disgusting habits in public. (nail biting, chewing with their mouth open, popping gum)
2. My sister
3. Bullies of any kind
4. rap, hip hop, that annoying caterwauling that I suppose is vocalizing (the girl on American Idol that murdered "Over the Rainbow" comes to mind) that mind numbing noise that people make with turntables
5. pop country music sung by generic country bimbos and guys with big hats
6. those same kind of immigrants mentioned in previous posts
7. bad coffee
8. people that ask the same stupid question over and over trying to get a different answer when there isn't one
9. liars
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I may be repeating some here, but this is my list:

1. hypocrites
2. back stabbers (especially ones who are real nice to your face)
3. child/animal molestors/abusers
4. living paycheck to paycheck with not much savings or extra to spend
5. cockroaches
6. bad hair days :tounge2:
7. dieting and not being the weight I want to be
8. the moral decay of society
9. judgemental people
10. having to get up early in the morning and go to work
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1. The new Ontario cirriculum. Can somebody tell me why I'm in grade 11, and working out of a OAC (grade 13) textbook and it's supposed to be 'review'?
2. Parents who use me as a free babysitter. (I teach childrens' painting programs at the library...I've even had parents say "Oh, Janie doesn't want to paint, but I have work to do tonight, so just let her sit in the corner..." when there's 5 other kids that really want to paint but can't register cuz the program is full! (Sorry, that just happened again last night and it ticked me off.))
3. Math. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
4. Prejudice.
5. Stereotypes.
6. Rap and Hip Hop.
7. People that drive like it's summer when it's winter.
8. RENOVATING! GAH! My house is a mess.
9. People that expect everyone to be the same, the whole "cookie cutter world" idea.
10. Winter.
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