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New kitten with fleas...please help

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My husband and I got an 8 week old kitten last night and the previous owner insisted she didnt have fleas. Well when we got her home, we discovered she did have fleas!! We gave her a flea bath and sprayed her with a cat spray also. We werent sure if we got all the fleas and then we saw one flea crawl up to her face so there might be more. I made her an appointment at the vet to have an advantage treatment done which is just a drop they put on her I guess. They told us to wait for this until Monday because we already shampooed her and she is so young. She wasnt too infested and I think I got most off right now, so should she be okay after one advantage treatment? She was in our house for about an hour before we discovered the fleas so should we look for something to spray in the house? Also the vet said to wash her with dawn dish soap to get any flea shampoo residue off as she is so young but I can't bring myself to give her another bath and we rinsed her pretty good I think, so it shouldnt hurt her right? Thanks!
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If you used a flea shampoo, then yes I would absolutely agree that you need to give her another bath to get any residue of that off your kitty. Flea medications and shampoos are basically a form of poison and you need to ensure you don't over-treat with a poison which can harm your cat, especially one so young.

Advantage is applied to the back of the neck (where they cannot reach to lick it off) and the dosage is by weight (and in your case probably age as well). We use Advantage (on Mika) and Revolution on Bijou monthly from April/May through to the end of October even though they are indoor cats. Bijou is allowed out by my hubby (don't go there ) so I feel it is important that both cats be treated during flea months here in Canada.

As for your home, if you can get some Diatomaceous Earth (usually at a garden centre) human/food grade to sprinkle into any carpeting and even your furniture, sweep it down into the carpet fibres and rub it into cracks and material of your furniture, that will solve your home problems. DE is completely safe should your kitten ingest it, in fact if the kitten ate any of it, the DE would rid the kitty of any internal parasites.

Just be sure you do not inhale the dust when you are using it. It won't kill you or anything but may be a little uncomfortable for awhile.

Now for the best part - we love photos here and would love to see a picture of your baby.

And last but NOT least - never ever use a flea collar on your kitty. They are dangerous and in some cases have actually caused death. The only good use for a flea collar is to cut it up and put it in your vacuum if you've had a flea infestation and then empty your vacuum after each use.
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