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Medical Credit Scores?

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Apparently FICO is working on a sort of 'medical credit scoring' system...


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I think it's a terrible idea.
It will be used to turn people away from hospitals, just like hospitals turn people away for no health insurance.

While people should pay their debts, it should not be used to determine whether or not they get health care.
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bad idea .... it is already hard enough with insurence to get decent care in this country..

true story WITH INSURENCE the hospital pulled my mom out of her bed and down to a room ( note she was nearly placed in ICU but no beds were avail) to ask her HOW she was going to pay.. she has medicare and a supplement so her actual cost was 200-300 $ and they said well can YOU WRITE a check NOW or WE WILL send you to the FINANCE company .... OHH and the hospital charged for two days she was NOT in the hospital
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This is a horrible idea, and we need to do something about it right away.

A Medical FICO can be used to increase your health insurance premium making what is already expensive totally un-affordable for most people. Please write Congress in regards to this. If you think health care is bad now, try getting insurance after you've missed payments on doctor bills.
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Oh my god, how do these people sleep at night? That's not just an awful idea, it's inhumane.
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I agree I think its stupid.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I agree I think its stupid.
Another reason we need single payer universal healthcare.

Sharky, I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope she is OK now.
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This is a terrible idea! My credit score is bad now because of medical bills! If they did this, that score would be 0! Half the time the Dr I used to see would automatically send me to collections. I would never get a bill and then all of a sudden, I had a letter from collections. I talked to quite a few other people that this happened to using that particular hospital group. The worst part is, I work for them!
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