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Flabby Kitten Belly

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Hi there!

I have an eigth month male kitten neutered about two months ago. I just noticed two days ago that he has a small hanging flabby belly. He is lean and I regularly monitor his weight and this really surprised me!

Ive searched on forums to find out what could have caused this and have found many different answers: worms, effect of neutering, natural part of feline anatomy (as have tigers and lions) caused by the need to conserve fat in desert-dwelling animals...

So what is it?

Should I bring him to see a vet?

Thanks for any replies.

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What you are seeing is referred to as "spay sway". Our boy Bijou has it. Mika also has it but to a lesser degree. If you do a search on this forum you will find more information. My understanding is that it is nature's way of protecting their internal organs should they get in a cat fight.

It is not necessarily an indication that your cat is overweight (although in Bijou's instance he is a bit on the "hefty" side which we are working on getting him slimmer).
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