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Yummmmy yougurt....

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I don't give Zoe any people foods, but Wednesday I had finished a cup of yogurt and she was sitting and looking at me with those eyes, so I let her sniff the container and of course she quickly started licking inside. She looked so funny getting such a treat!
Then yesterday I had just finished one (had a yogurt craving lately) and I didn't even realize she was in the same room as me until I felt a tap on my arm....she was on her back legs and reaching up to me to tap....eyes starring at the yogurt cup so hopefully...too funny...so I let her have just a little time with the empty cup
This was her grateful reaction: (sorry they're a little blurry..but she was moving)

She spent so much time licking her lips and enjoying it..even after she moved away to another spot:

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Awwww she really looked like she enjoyed that! When my 3 look at me like that licking their mouths i usually say "Was that lovely baby?!"

Rosie taps at my arm as well when she sits right up close beside me, but it's to tell me that she wants a treat
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Mmm...yogurt. She looks so warm and cuddly posing by that fireplace!
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Awww! She wuv's her some yogurt!!
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oh she is gorgeous!!!! hehe and i love her goofy pictures
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She really did love that yogurt and I got a big kick out of that busy lip lickin!
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aww! she's gorgeous
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what a gorgeous girl...
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She is so pretty, even when she's licking her lips
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