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Cat pee

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So one of the cats decided to pee on the rug in our family room.I am thinking because the dog kept her from getting to the litter box but I can not be 100% sure.Anyway I have tried Natures Miracle and that did nothing at all.I tried mixing white vinegar and hot water and using that on the area but that hasn't really helped either.Any solutions that will rid of this horrible smell? My whole house now smells of cat pee.Any help is greatly appreciated
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This is supposedly a fabulous product ("Anti-Icky Poo"). I don't know what stores carry it: http://www.catfaeries.com/cleanup.html.

Enzyme cleaners must be used in LARGE amounts - especially if on carpeting with a backing. You have to pour enough on there to soak down to the floor boards. It should take days to dry (unless there's like no humidity in your home). Cover the area with aluminum foil, and just let it air dry. If it still smells, apply it again. We've had to apply nature's miracle numerous times. We always use this product: http://www.nokout.com - but it's only available online - and on a couch, we had to apply it three times once. On carpet, we've had to apply it twice.

Maybe consider adding another litter box? Might help prevent problems like this in the future.

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