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Thursday DT

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*whew* I have to hurry up. I only have a few minutes but.......

Thought I'd start the DT with a "Good morning everyone!"

I have to get ready for work, get my oldest son off to school and pack up my youngest and bring him to grandma's. Ahhh....the joys of morning rushes.

Hope you all have a terrific day!

I'll check in later today.
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Too early for me to write anything intelligent.:tounge2:

But I hope everyone has a great day! Its beautiful weather where I am and I fully intend on taking advantage of it!
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I have already been up for hours with poor little Bailey cat who is in heat. She keeps trying to entice Sam to "help", but doesn't realize that he can't do anything. He keeps coming to me to get away from the little minx.

I think that spaying appointment will be sooner rather than later.
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[size=large]Hi everyone, I went to the dentist yesterday and it looks like I have one cavity! That's not oo bad considering I haven't been to the dentist in a few years - never had any coverage. So I go back in in two weeks to get it fixed. [/size]

[color=royal blue][size=large]Right now I have a bad headache (probably from staring at this screen for so long! LOL) I'm folding laundry and I just moved one of my scratching posts into the spare bedroom. It was so funny, here I am lugging this 6'5" scratching post with a lead bottom all the way to the other side of my house, around furniture and stuff, when as soon as I get it upright in the spare bedroom, my cats are all over it trying to claim it! I haven't even put it in place yet! It's like an extra 50 pounds was added *umph*. So I haven't seen them in a while, I assume they're looking out the window and checking out the backyard. hehe I can't wait until the neighbors cat comes around.[/size][/color]

[size=large]OMG! Darrell just called me from work (he works at a hotel/nightclub) and he said that one of his co-workers was there on his night off partying it up when he went outside for a smoke and was attacked from behind! The guy hit him twice on the side of the head and once on the back of the head. He was caught - thank-god - and went to jail, but Darrell's co-worker is still unconcious with a breathing tube down his throat. He's got paralysis on one side but is responding to pinches, which means the swelling is going down. The whole incident was caught on the building's video cameras and so those will be handed over to the police when the big managers get in in the morning. Darrell and this guy always got along and it's hard for him right now dealing with it at work. I think we'll go see him at the hospital if we're allowed. *ugh!* the dangers are getting worse and worse. For crying-out-loud this is Victoria, not L.A.![/size]
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I'm seriously considering running away from home, this morning. First thing, I stumble out to the patio, coffee cup in hand, to fire up my first cigarette. Ike is chewing on a dead bird. UGH!!! I grabbed the fire tongs, from the grill (I'm not touching that thing) and make him drop it. Before I can pick it up, Pearl grabs it. She won't let go. I finally, had to tap her on the nose. Picked up the bird and tossed it in the trash. Now, both dogs want to kiss me. Right.

Meanwhile, in the house, Opie and Rowdy are tussling - knocking things around and tripping me, when I went to get another cup of coffee.

Never a dull moment, with four pets! If anybody wants me, I'll be sitting in a corner, comtemplating my navel.
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Tamme - how horrible about your hubby's friend!

Nothing much happening here today. I am still fighting off this lung/sinus inffection. Hubby is still home from work and is miserable!

I am thrilled that Trista picke Ryan last night on the Batchlorette. I was so worried she would crush him and pick Charlie. I would have picked him! Hubby can't believe how into this I got. As I have said before - I am addicted to reality TV.

I have a check up with the ob/gyn this aft as I am still not pregnant. Hopefully we will be able to change the meds or something.

I can't wait for the week to be done. I am feeling very out of sorts this week and it is making me grumpy at work. I am walking around with a little storm cloud over my head, just like Eeyore. I am so testy (which isn't like me) that people at work are being extra nice to me!
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Hi everyone. Tomorrow is my last day of work and I haven't found another job yet. Oh well...Next week, I'll be a free woman to do whatever I want! Woo hoo! I've been really busy this week training the girl who is taking my place.

I have a TON of homework that I have to get done today for my Spanish class tonight. It just seems like the homework never stops coming.

Tamme-OMG! I'm sorry to hear about Darrell's coworker. Thats aweful!

Ady-Good luck at the doctor! Hopefully they will be able to find the right meds for you so you can get pregnant.

Katl8e-I can't believe Ike had a dead bird! Sick!
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Originally posted by Tamme

The whole incident was caught on the building's video cameras and so those will be handed over to the police when the big managers get in in the morning. Darrell and this guy always got along and it's hard for him right now dealing with it at work. I think we'll go see him at the hospital if we're allowed. *ugh!* the dangers are getting worse and worse. For crying-out-loud this is Victoria, not L.A.![/font][/size][/color]
This has happened many time in Toronto over the last year. A couple of bouncers at nightclubs were shot and killed. I use to frequent the clubs, and saw some things happen that reminded me my life is more important than a night of dancing!

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Hi all! I'm just checking in for a few - Gary and I have a big project due tomorrow afternoon, so we're in high gear here. Rather - I will be soon. Have to get my TCS fix in after the stock market opens!

I'm sure you saw Tuxedo came home yesterday. *Phew*. We made arrangements to take the three remaining kittens to a boarding facility (the same place we had Magic). Now all we have to do is round them up... and because of this dang deadline, it'll probably have to wait until Saturday, which means they'll have to suffer through the rain we're expecting. The good news is that means it's in the 40s here!

Ghys - glad to see you're still finding SOME time to pop in!

Daniela - hope you enjoy getting outside today!

Sammie5 - get that kitty spayed, and spare yourself the headaches! :tounge2:

Tamme - so sorry to hear about Darrell's co-worker!!!! Sending quick healing thoughts and prayers his way. BTW - sounds like the cats are loving your gift to them!

Cindy - I'm amazed at how few dead birds we do find around here. We've got bird feeders out, and feral cats around. I guess we're keeping the cats well fed. (although they do seem to make good toys, unfortunately, for dogs and cats. )

Ady - good luck with the Doc and meds. I'll keep "Ady get pregnant" prayers going.

Sarah - even when you're done with school or classes, the homework never stops! Sorry to hear you haven't found a new job yet - I'm sure you'll find something soon!

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We have dug out of the snowstorm, and will have a thaw for a couple of days before it freezes again. So, with the three rivers coming together in Pittsburgh, the concern is now flooding, followed by icy roads! Where's that groundhog that saw his shadow again? I'd like to tell him a thing or two! Our house is on one of the highest points in our county, and not near the rivers, so we don't have that worry, thank goodness!

Adrienne, keep the faith. I had 4 children after trying in vain for quite a while.

Cindy, life is always interesting with pets. There was a dead fox on our back porch a couple of years ago, and I have never seen one before in my life! (except in zoos)

Tamme, we live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood too, but it takes only one idiot to change things. I hope your friend recovers completely.

I hope this is a great day for everyone. (Sammie5, get earplugs while you're waiting for that appointment!)
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hello all, i got up early this morning because jake has an early class and i didnt feel like myself, i am normally a morning person but not today. so i went back to bed and just got up. I have also discovered that one of my bras is missing - i have looked all over the place, to no avail. its really strange. im beginning to think that maybe one of the cats hid it!
But this morning I got a nice PM from one of youse - and I replied - you know who you are and it is much appreciated.
i hope everyone has a great day.

hugs to all.
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My cats have all liked to play with bra straps! You wouldn't deny your kitties a bit of fun, would you? You'll just have to do without! Did you see Kellye today! What a showoff! No bra!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
You'll just have to do without! Did you see Kellye today! What a showoff! No bra!
There's the humour I like so much Jeanie!

I need some luck sent our way. With our ongoing battle with a company for a pathetic boiler installation job, our lawyer has sent this company our final offer. If they accept, we don't go to small claims court. If they don't, then off to court we go.

Cross your fingers everyone! I hate court!

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ohhh kass - i will send some good thoughts your way - i hate court too!
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I found one good thing about quiting my job! I am getting the house clean!Washed and oiled the kitchen cupboareds!Mopped all 3 floors,all of this by 11:00 in the morning! Maybe I will tackle the walls tommorrow! Hope everyone has a great day!
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Kass - I've got fingers crossed for you. I really hope you don't have to go to court. Heck - I'd cross my eyes for you if it would keep you out of court!

Sammie - Poor Sam! You tell Bailey he's not just a piece of meat. He has self respect and he's just not THAT KIND OF CAT!

Tamme - glad to here the dentist went okay.

I went 8 years between appointments and was terrified of what they mighht find, but only one cavity. Now it's been three years. However, I had this dream last night that all my teeth were a dark gray and brittle like hardened ashes.

I hope Darrell's friend recovers. That has to be scary for everyone around there!

Ady - Hoping you are feeling better soon. Well, except for morning sickness! Crossing my fingers for you, too.

It's pretty nice here today. The sun is shining and it's sort of warm. Yay! I opened the curtain this morning so Coco could have a sun spot and she just beamed at me like "good girl. you may go now."

Hope everyone has a good day...
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hmmmmm...notice how Kellye evaded the bra comment???? :LOL:
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you got me there G.
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So, Bailey is scheduled for the big op next Wednesday. Poor girl.
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awww Bailey will feel much better afterwards. give her extra kisses and scritches.

I found my bra! It was under the bed! Now which of you cats was it?
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I know I'm jumping in a bit late with the DT, but I just had to share my BIG bargains that I got today! Today at Wal-Mart they marked down their Beds-in-a-bag's! Wouldn't ya know it...I needed a new set of linens for my bed. The best part of it was...THEY WERE ONLY $22 FOR QUEENS AND KING SIZE! What a bargain, huh? I couldn't resist it, so I ended up buying one for myself, one for my Mom and one for my Brother. For that price, I just couldn't go wrong. I'm so pumped about it, I think I'm going to wash em' up and throw them on their tonight. Pretty sad that I get so excited over things like this, huh? LOL!
Well that's my big news...just had to share this with all of you. Hope everyone had a good day!
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