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Can anyone help my kitty??

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I am posting this to see if I can get help paying for a surgery my cat needs. Wednesday 1/16/08 at 6pm my husband cranked up our truck and my 6 yr olds kitty was behind the fan. As soon as my husband heard the cries he turned the engine off but it was too late. We got him out 25 minutes later and it was horrible. I rushed him to Tuskegee University Small Animal Clinic and he is still there. They called me today and said his front leg was broken and he had to have a plate and pins. I dont have all the money needed for the cost of this surgery.I can not put him down not only would it devistate my children but he is soooo lucky to be alive. He had 2 other lacerations that required stitches and many stitches in his leg. They said it is going to cost $800-$1000 dollars. If anyone would like to make donations to help with the cost email me and I will give you the number to the business office at Tuskegee University Small Animal Clinic and the client number. Or if you prefer you can look the number up it is located in Tuskegee Alabama.Ask to speak to either Joyce Ellington or Mrs. Phillips they run the business office.Tell them you are calling about 'Nod" who belongs to Aleda Pitchford.I know there are horrible people out there who are just out for money but I am not one of those people. Any help will be sooooo appreciated by Nod, myself, my children,and his brother and sister who are lost without him. Thank you for taking time to read this. I want to thank everyone in advance for your help. I plan to borrow from everyone I can and maybe with a little help from some kind individuals I will have it all by the time he can come home. So far my family and friends have helped me come up with $400!!!I'm getting closer.

If you do make a donation please email me and let me know so I can keep up with how much closer I am.
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Good luck with your kitty but please understand that we also have to safeguard our members when people ask for donations.

Members please read

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