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Please help my feral and stray boys

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This is a forum that I find very difficult to read and post on so maybe I don't deserve your help right now.

I take care of a group of feral and stray cats that live in the garden of the apartment building I live in. Last night when I went out to feed them, two of them, Alfie and Oscar, were eating something from the sidewalk. It looked like small pieces of corn tortilla that had been fried in oil.

Alfie is only about seven months old. Oscar is an old guy about seven years, but very skinny. Tonight Alfie did not show up and Oscar showed up but did not eat. He only meowed sadly to me.

I'm afraid they ate something that's made them sick. Please send healing vibes and/or prayers for them. I'm so worried. I'm just sick at heart that I didn't clean up that stuff and keep some of it. It's all gone now.
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that it is just a fluke
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Sending prayers for the two kitties well being and to a healthy recovery.
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Katie, I read your thread about your colony. I am sending lots of vibes that Alfie and Oscar are ok.
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for the wonderful kitty boys.
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i hope that Alfie and Oscar are ok.
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I love the cat site! I was so worried about my boys I went out at 5am to see if I could find them. Oscar came running. Then I called and called for Alfie. When I got back to the feeding bench there he was with his mentor, Louie.

I remembered that it was Friday. Every Friday when the yard maintenance people come, Alfie gets scared and runs somewhere. That's when he went in the underground storm drain system and I had to lift the grate to help him get out.

He's OK. Oscar's OK, I'm OK.

We all thank you very very much.
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I'm glad to hear that your boys are all right! Being a feral/stray Meowmy myself, I know how it is to worry about them.

Extra just in case!

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That's great news. I'm glad everyone is safe.
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It surprises me everytime one is missing, how concerned I get about them. The degree of affection and committment I feel just sweeps me away. I certainly never expected this when I first started feeding them!
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I understand totally. We feed birds and squirrels and one squirrel has been living in our area for about 5 years now, We named her Beyonce and we can hand feed her peanuts. If we sit out there in the summer she will come up on the porch. A few times when she was missing for a few days I had an anxiety attack. or if I see a dead squirrel in the road. Last summer she ws pregnant and I was very protective of her lol. It's amazing how much love you can feel for an outside, wild animal.

I've seen a few cats in our area but I am so afraid to start feeding them. I would get too attached.
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