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Watery and discharging eyes

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Orion is a 2.5 yr old Sphynx that my boyfriend and i rescued from the animal shelter here in woodbury. Never really had any problems with him, the vet has told us his breed does have stomach issues where their feces come out pretty soft and very smelly. No big deal, we switched our cats to the Science Diet sensitive stomach formula. Well lately we have noticed Orion's left eye has been very watery lately. And has a lot more red/brown eye discharge. We wondered how this may have happened. We do have an ointment the vet gave us to help keep his eyes clean. But we also noticed there is starting to get a lot of dust being kicked up from the litter box. I was wondering if maybe this could be causing some problems too? I mean when the cats are done its like a smoke storm in the house, so i can see where it might be getting to them too since it gets to us. And if you think it could be the cat litter should we change it to something else?
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I'd have the vet check to ensure it isn't something wrong with the eye first.

If not, and you suspect it may be dust from the litter, I'd suggest you try World's Best Cat Litter - it is a natural litter made from corn, has little to no dust and great odour control. It is a bit pricey but will last much longer than any other litter I've ever tried.
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First thing to do would be to ask the vet what he suggests..

It could be the dusty cat litter causing problems, too. I have to be careful what brand I buy, b/c Geronimo has a problem with runny eyes too (clear discharge - not brown or yellowish). I've noticed that if the cat litter is dustier, he has more of a problem with the runny eyes.

Check with your vet first though..

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