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How do they know????

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How is it that cats KNOW the exact moment you NEED to do something and they plop themselves right in middle of it preventing you from completing it?

I am very very very behind at work so almost every night this week, I have had to bring work home to try to catch up on.... If I'm on the laptop, Tango tries to park himself on top of the keyboard OR if I'm looking at papers, he'd park himself on top of papers.

Normally, I'd say awww and cuddle him but not tonight. I am EXTREMELY stressed out, it's 11 pm and there are a lot of projects I NEED to complete... I thought at one point tonight that Tango had screwed up my laptop and I was freaking out. I had left the room for a few minutes leaving my laptop open and he had parked himself on top of the keyboard. I thought it was okay until I tried to open various programs and kept getting a msg with the properties of that program ONLY... I wasted 15 minutes trying to fix it and ended up having to restart the laptop. Luckily it was fixed but now every time Tango tries to get on laptop, I hold him off feeling guilty and mean...

As I type this, Tango is sleeping on top of papers (or TRYING to sleep with the E-collar on).. I am soooo tempted to pull the papers from underneath him but I don't want to disturb his royalty (especially with all of his health issues going on. We have been struggling with his health issues a lot lately).

Has this happened to any of you or am I the only one with a devious cat like this?? I'd love to hear YOUR stories so I know I'm not alone!
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Buster used to do that to me when I was studying for exams. Maybe they sense a nervous vibe and feel compelled to comfort humans?!? It's just a guess.
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They KNOW that THEY aren't getting all the attention - that's why they do it!

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When I used to sit down in the evenings and do my NVQ work, Shark would come and lay across the paper I was trying to write on, if not she would curl up on my open coursework folder and leave pawprints or black fur where she was moulting

I also find it a nuisance when I am trying to type up important documents on the computer, and Arwen will curl up in my lap and rest her head in the crook of my arm..it is a bit difficult typing up with a heavy cat head resting in the most awkward place.
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Lucy has to be held when I'm needing to get work done. Since I really can't hold her and type one-handed. I don't get a lot of work done. I think they see we're stressed out and want to make the stress go away.
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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
They KNOW that THEY aren't getting all the attention - that's why they do it!

yeh, that's sooo true! & they know if they stop you, they'll get the attention they were after!

my girl's are little monkey's for it!
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What!?! You're trying to work! Don't you know that worshipping your cat is a full time job!
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